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Cafe Latte Machines for Convenience Stores

  • Business Group & Production Technology Group
  • Food & Beverage Distribution
  • Safety and Security
  • Highly sanitary sales mechanism that utilizes dedication sterilized milk filled cartons
  • Inline frothing mechanism that generates tiny, delicate bubbles
  • Automatic cleaning mechanism that simplifies daily sanitation maintenance work

We have developed the machine based on the concept of creating an “easy-to-operate system that sanitarily dispenses delicious-tasting cafe latte beverages.”

Milk, which is a key ingredient to cafe latte, easily cultivates bacteria when left at room temperature. We have developed a breakthrough piping mechanism that totally eliminates any milk left in the room-temperature area of the machine after dispensing heated milk that is delicately frothed at the time of a sale. In order to reduce the workload of convenience store workers, we have also developed a mechanism that automatically cleans the machine piping using a special detergent so that it can be sanitarily maintained and easily operated.

The cafe latte machine

Automatic cleaning mechanism
(cleaning solution preparation component)
The cleaning solution is prepared by diluting its original detergent form.

Inline frothing mechanism
(heating component)
It generates heated milk by blending steam and air with the milk.

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