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December 19, 2022
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Launching a Transformer Using Natural Ester Oil to Reduce Environmental Impact

Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of the FR3®Fluid-applied transformer, a transformer that uses natural ester oil as electrical insulating oil.

1. Background

Transformers are products that are installed in power stations and substations, and they change the voltage to suit the location and application, such as for factories or buildings. Transformers generally use mineral oil to insulate and cool windings and iron cores; however, this product uses FR3®*Fluid, a natural ester oil derived from soybean oil.

Demand for this product is increasing as environmental awareness grows, and it is expected that transformers that use natural ester oil will account for about 6% of the global transformer market in 2025 and that the market size will double compared to 2021 (source: Global Ester Transformer Oils Market Research Report 2020). Natural ester oil is less flammable than mineral oil and its usage is expected to expand in places that prioritize fire prevention.

Fuji Electric will contribute to reducing environmental impact by proposing this product to industrial plants in Japan and overseas as well as to data centers and water treatment plants, for which markets continue to grow.

*FR3®: Fire Resistance 3rd generation. A registered trademark of Cargill, Incorporated.

2. Product Features

・ Reduces environmental impact

Natural ester oil is highly biodegradable and non-toxic, so it reduces environmental impact in the event of an insulating oil spill. It’s also plant-derived, so compared with mineral oil, it can reduce CO2 emissions throughout the product life cycle, from production to disposal.

・Reduces deployment costs

Natural ester oil has a higher flash point and Fire point than mineral oil, so it is less flammable and it could allow for the simplification of ancillary facilities like fire walls, oil retaining walls, and oil removal facilities. This could potentially help to reduce the cost of insurance premium, contributing to reducing deployment costs.

3. Launch Schedul

As of the date of this announcement.

4. Product Specifications

Number of phases Rated capacity (kVA) Frequency (Hz) Voltage specification Winding connection
Primary voltage (V) Secondary voltage (V)
Single-phase 10–50 50 or 60 R6600-F6300-6000* 210-105 Single-phase three-wire only
75–500 F6750-R6600-F6450-F6300-6150 210-105
Over 500 Flexible (138,000 max.) Flexible Flexible
Three-phase 20–50 50 or 60 R6600-F6300-6000 210 Yy0
75–500 F6750-R6600-F6450-F6300-6150 210 Yd1
750, 1000, 1500, 2000 210 Dd0
1500, 2000 50 420 Dyn11
60 440
Over 2000* 50 or 60 Flexible (138,000 max.) Flexible Flexible
* If it is single-phase 50 kVA or less and specified, five-tap products are also subject to JIS C 4304.

5. Product Inquiries

Power Electronics Energy Business Group, Substation Systems Engineering Department
Transmission & Distribution Systems Division, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
*The information conveyed in this release is accurate as of the date of this announcement
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