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November 15, 2021
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Launch of the 2nd-Generation Discrete SiC-SBD Series,
Contributing to Energy Saving for Data Centers and Communication Base Stations

Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan; led by President Michihiro Kitazawa) is pleased to announce the launch of its 2nd-generation discrete SiC-SBD* Series of power semiconductors, which will contribute to energy saving in data centers and communication base stations.
*Schottky Barrier Diode

1. Background

Network traffic has been increasing due to digital transformation (DX), the increase in remote work, and the expanded use of Internet services. This has accelerated capital investment in data centers and communication base stations. As a result, demand for power supply equipment is increasing as well and its market is expected to grow from the current 300 billion yen to 450 billion yen in FY2028.*
Because data centers and communication base stations require a large amount of DC power for facility operation, their power supply equipment is outfitted with power semiconductors (diodes) that efficiently convert (rectify) the AC power received from utility companies into DC power.

Power semiconductors undergo power loss (steady-state loss) when power is supplied. FE has developed and launched its 2nd-generation discrete SiC-SBD Series for power supply equipment of data centers and communication base stations, and it will contribute to energy saving by reducing steady-state loss in electronic circuits.

FE will contribute to the achievement of a decarbonized society by rolling out this series globally to achieve energy saving for equipment.

* Estimated by FE based on IHS data
2nd-generation discrete SiC-SBDs(From left: TO-220-2, TO-220F-2, and TO-247-2)

2nd-generation discrete SiC-SBDs
(From left: TO-220-2,TO-220F-2,and TO-247-2)

2. Product Features

Successfully lowered power loss by reducing substrate thickness to 1/3

 One way to reduce power loss in power semiconductors is to reduce the distance through which the electricity flows by making a thinner substrate element. This series uses a SiC (silicon carbide) substrate with a reduced thickness of approximately one-third of FE’s conventional 1st-generation SiC-SBD Series as well as a modified chip structure, which has successfully reduced steady-state loss by 16%.* FE has achieved one of the industry’s thinnest substrates by applying its proprietary processing technology. It has also improved resistance to large currents caused by lightning. These measures contribute to energy saving and better reliability of the equipment that uses this product.
* Products with the rated voltage of 650 V

3. Product Specifications

Model No. Rated voltage(V) Rated current(A) Forward voltage(V) Surge forward current(A) Package
FDC2PT06S65* 650 6 1.3 54 TO-220-2
FDC2PT08S65 650 8 1.3 68 TO-220-2
FDC2PT10S65 650 10 1.3 82 TO-220-2
FDC2AT06S65 650 6 1.3 54 TO-220F-2
FDC2AT08S65 650 8 1.3 68 TO-220F-2
FDC2AT10S65 650 10 1.3 82 TO-220F-2
FDC2WT20S120 1,200 20 1.57 190 TO-247-2
FDC2WT40S120* 1,200 40 1.57 305 TO-247-2
* Currently under development (for launch in January 2022)

4. Product Inquiries

Sales Department I, Sales Division, Semiconductors Business Group, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
*The information contained in this release (product features, inquiry information, prices, etc.) is accurate as of the date of this announcement. This information is subject to change without prior notice.
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