News Release

March 26, 2020
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Announcement Regarding Changes to the Management of Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. to be Proposed
at the Company’s Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

March 26, 2020, Tokyo – Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (TSE:6504) announced its decision today to put forward candidates for the positions of directors and auditors following a meeting of its Board of Directors held on March 26, 2020 based on the recommendations of the Fuji Electric’s Nomination and Remuneration Committee. Brief details are as follows:
The appointment of candidate directors and auditors is subject to approval by the Board of Directors at a meeting to be held following the Company’s Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders scheduled for the end of June 2020.

1. Directors

President and Chairman of the Board of Directors Michihiro Kitazawa (Reappointed)
Representative Director Kenzo Sugai (Reappointed)
Outside Director Toshihito Tamba (Reappointed)
Outside Director Naoomi Tachikawa (Reappointed)
Outside Director Yoshitsugu Hayashi (Reappointed)
Director Michio Abe (Reappointed)
Director Masatsugu Tomotaka (Reappointed)
Director Junichi Arai (Reappointed)

2. Auditors

Not re-elected and Reappointed, Newly appointed Auditors
* [Square brackets] indicate current positions.
Standing Auditor Yoshio Okuno (Not re-elected)
Standing Auditor Junichi Matsumoto (Reappointed)
Outside Auditor Tetsuo Hiramatsu (Reappointed)
Outside Auditor Hirohiko Takaoka (Newly appointed)
Outside Auditor Yuko Katsuta (Newly appointed)
[Lawyer, Natori Law Office]
Resigning Auditor
Outside Auditor Yoshiki Sato
Outside Auditor Akiko Kimura
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