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Release of Outdoor Self-Standing Type Power Conditioning Sub-System: Realizing Lower Costs, Reduced Size and Weight

  August 28, 2017 - Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (TSE: 6504) (“FE”), headquartered in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan, led by President and Representative Director, Michihiro Kitazawa, is pleased to announce the release of PVI1000BJ-3/1000 [1000V DC (1000 kVA)], an Outdoor Self-Standing Type Power Conditioning Sub-System.

  At mega-solar power plants in Japan, power producers are faced with the challenge of reducing the total costs required for introduction and operation, as well as improving conversion efficiency, for reasons such as the revision of the FIT purchase prices and the amendment of the FIT Act, which has made regular maintenance of equipment obligatory. In addition, construction projects that are not yet started often involve slopes in hilly areas and other site conditions that make it difficult to carry in and install the equipment. There are also requirements for more compact and lightweight power conditioning sub-systems.
  FE's power conditioning sub-systems use FE’s own power semiconductors to realize a large capacity and a conversion efficiency of 98%, among the highest in the industry. Thanks to the outdoor self-standing structure with no air conditioning, there is no need for panel storage buildings and air-conditioning facilities, which has resulted in a significant reduction of the total costs including installation, operation, and maintenance.
  The PVI1000BJ-3/1000 is the solution to these problems; its costs are lower and its size and weight have been reduced, yet it maintains the high performance and quality of existing products. FE intends to expand its business mainly in Southeast Asia in addition to Japan by marketing this more competitive product.

2.Product Features

(1) Voltage increase realizes a 40% cost reduction from FE's existing products

  The output voltage has been increased from 270 V to 380 V, and the current value reduced by approximately 30%. Downsizing of the electrical items and conductors has led to a successful cost reduction of approximately 40% from our existing products.

(2) Improved ease of transport and installation by size and weight reduction

  Revising the parts and design has made it possible to reduce the size and weight compared to the old model by 80% and 75%, respectively.
  This allows transport that conventionally required a 10-ton truck to be performed by a 4-ton truck, improving ease of transport and allowing reduction of the installation space.

3.Product Specifications
Model Input
Rated output
Rated output
Dimensions (mm) Weight
PVI1000BJ-3/1000 1000V DC 1000 kVA 380V AC W2000 x D950 x H1940 2000 kg

4.Timing of Release
  The date of this announcement

5.Product Inquiries
  Sales Department III, Sales Division,
  Power and New Energy Business Group, Fuji Electric, Co., Ltd.
  Telephone: +81-3-5435-7048


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