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Starting Shipment of Samples of Direct Liquid Cooling Power Module for Automotive Applications

  May 24, 2016 - Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (TSE:6504) (“FE”), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, led by President Michihiro Kitazawa, is pleased to announce that it will start shipping samples of direct liquid cooling power modules for automotive applications as a new product in the company’s power semiconductor line.

  The use of electric and hybrid vehicles that run on electric motors are expected to become increasingly widespread as we look to prevent global warming and improve atmospheric conditions. Power semiconductors are mounted on electric and hybrid vehicle inverters, in part to convert direct current from the battery into alternating current that the motor can use. Fuji Electric expects to expand its market share of IGBT* modules (a major power semiconductor product) for automotive applications to around JPY 85.0 billion in 2016, with an annual increase of 15% thereafter.

  The goal of electric and hybrid vehicles is to reduce fuel (and/or electricity) consumption in an effort to reduce environmental impact and extend cruising distance while making on-board components smaller and lighter in weight. In an effort to meet these needs, Fuji Electric has begun shipping out samples of its direct liquid cooling power modules for automotive applications (IGBT modules). Mass production is scheduled for November of this year, and it is hoped that the new product will help us overcome some of our environmental challenges as electric and hybrid vehicles grow in popularity.

  * Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor

2.Product Features

  The new Fuji Electric power modules are 50% smaller and 60% lighter than conventional products, which facilitates the vehicle design process while contributing to better fuel economy. The new modules also offer double the power density (electric energy per unit of volume) of existing products, making them a world-class technology.

1)Optimized cooling mechanism reduces size and weight

  The new device uses a water-based cooling mechanism to cool the heat generated during the power conversion process. The position of the cooling fins, shape, and the water channels that flow through the interior cooling structure, and so on have been optimally designed for superior heat radiation performance, while the fins are now made out of aluminum material rather than copper. The result is a module that is both smaller and lighter weight.

2)Reduced surface area thanks to industry-first technology

  Fuji Electric has developed the first automotive grade reverse-conducting IGBT semiconductor device that has monolithic integration of an IGBT and FWD* regions, and applying this device has allowed us to reduce the module footprint size.

  * Free Wheel Diode


3.Product Specifications

Rated voltage Rated current Maximum operating
Dimensions Weight
750 V 800 A 175ºC 162 ×117 × 24 mm 560 g

  Electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles

5.Product inquires
  Sales Department 2, Semiconductor Division, Sales Group, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
  Telephone: +81-3-5435-7151

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