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Establishment of the Zhejiang University - Fuji Electric Cooperation Center

Tokyo, June 4, 2014 - Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (TSE:6504) ("FE"), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and led by President, Michihiro Kitazawa, is pleased to announce that it has agreed on collaborative activities with Zhejiang University (located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China) for developing new businesses in the Chinese market as described below. 


1. Purpose of Collaboration

FE and Zhejiang University started joint research in April 2004, which was followed by the establishment of the Zhejiang University and Fuji R&D Center in 2006 and the Zhejiang University - Fuji Electric Innovation Center, an augmented form of the R&D Center, in 2010.  Through these institutions, we have worked on research and development based on industrial and academic collaboration between Japan and China, engineering verifications for commercialization and development of collaborative partners.

 On the basis of the achievements made up to now, we have established the Zhejiang University - Fuji Electric Cooperation Center led by the heads of the two organizations as the directors.  The Center is intended for the development of social and industrial infrastructure, efficient use of resources and energy and study on commercialization relating to the environmental conservation needs arising from urbanization in China. 

 We are committed to creating further synergy between the rich and capable technologies and human resources of Zhejiang University and FE's technologies and experience in commercialization for accelerating the business expansion in China and improving FE's brand image and presence in China.


 Signature ceremony on establishment Signature ceremony on establishment on June 3
President Lin of Zhejiang University (right) and President Kitazawa of FE


2. Outline of the Cooperation Center

  (1) Location :   Zhejiang University, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
  (2) Establishment :   April 1, 2014
  (3) Directors     Lin Jianhua, President of Zhejiang University and Michihiro Kitazawa, President of Fuji Electric
  (4) Activities :   New product R&D, new business development and strengthening of existing products/business
for the Chinese market
  (5) Priority fields :   Smart community (power storage control, next-generation distribution automation, Cluster EMS, etc.),
automotive power electronics, vending machines, smart stores, etc.


[About Zhejiang University]

Zhejiang University is among the largest universities in China and located in Hangzhou City, the capital of the Zhejiang Province, China. It is one of the oldest national universities in China and was first founded as Qiushi Academy in 1897 and officially renamed Zhejiang University in 1928. In 1988, four universities in Hangzhou City (former Zhejiang University, Hangzhou University, Zhejiang Agricultural University and Zhejiang Medical University) amalgamated into a national key university with many departments.

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