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Fuji Electric to Construct New Buildings for Strengthening of Development

Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (TSE:6504) ("FE"), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and led by President, Michihiro Kitazawa, is pleased to announce that it has decided on the construction of new buildings as described below for the purpose of strengthening its development activities.


1. Aim of Construction

"Through our innovation in electric and thermal energy technology, we contribute to the creation of responsible and sustainable societies" is one of our management policies. To expand energy-related businesses, we strive for the development of competitive products that make the most of our core technologies, which are the power semiconductor, power electronics and thermal technologies.
 To achieve our target sales figure of 1 trillion yen, we have decided to construct development buildings in three major sites in Japan with an aim to accelerate and promote the development of our technologies.

      Total investment amount :   13 billion yen (total amount from FY2013 through 2015)
  Construction sites      :   Tokyo Factory, Matsumoto Factory and Fukiage Factory


2. Overview of Construction

 《Entire company Core Research and Development Center (Tokyo Factory)
At the Tokyo Factory, which is the major base of our technology development, a Research and Development Center will be constructed to take on the role of the global development headquarter.

      (1) Location :   Fujimachi 1-banchi, Hino City, Tokyo (inside FE Tokyo Factory)
  (2) Structure :   6 stories above ground
  (3) Building area :   Approx. 3,100 m2 
  (4) Investment amount  :   Approx. 6.5 billion yen
  (5) Completion :   October 2015 (scheduled)


 We intend to focus on the development of power electronics that apply next-generation power device, such as SiC and other power semiconductors with the aim for the world\'s top position in the field and also to strengthen the development of electric and thermal energy solutions that combine these power electronics  and measuring and control technologies. In addition, we plan to develop and roll out the product platform technology that is required in the respective business areas.
 Furthermore, we will display and present our businesses, core/advanced technologies and products/systems that offer solutions to customers' challenges and provide a space to allow exchanges with internal and external organizations. In this way, we intend to improve our brand image, facilitate understanding of customer needs, and build an environment that encourages the creation of innovations.


Semiconductor Development Center (Matsumoto Factory)
At the Matsumoto Factory, which is the major base of our power semiconductor business, a Semiconductor Development Center will be built to integrate the technology and development departments that are scattered in the factory.

      (1) Location  :   18-1, Tsukama 4-chome, Matsumoto City, Nagano (inside FE Matsumoto Factory)
  (2) Structure :   6 stories above ground
  (3) Building area :   Approx. 2,700 m2
  (4) Investment amount  :   Approx. 4.8 billion yen
  (5) Completion :   March 2015 (scheduled)


This factory is the global headquarter that leads the branches around the world in power semiconductor R&D and production engineering.
 By constructing the technology and development building, we will aggregate functions and human resources to accelerate and promote the development of SiC and other next-generation power semiconductors, development of high value-added products including high-performance IGBTs and in-vehicle products and development of innovative production engineering. Furthermore, we intend to provide an environment that contributes to the improvement of company presence to customers by carrying out activities including display of the latest technologies and products.


E&C Development Center (Fukiage Factory)
At the Fukiage Factory, which is the major base of the equipment business responsible for power distribution and control devices of power electronics, we will construct a development building to aggregate the evaluation testing functions that are scattered on the site.

      (1) Location :   5-45, Minami 1-chome, Konosu City, Saitama
 (in Fuji Electric FA Components & Systems Co., Ltd. Fukiage Factory)
  (2) Structure :   One story
  (3) Building area :   Approx. 3,600 m2
  (4) Investment amount :   Approx. 1.8 billion yen
  (5) Completion :   November 2014 (scheduled)


With this building as the global headquarter to create new products and technologies intended for the new energy market and the Asian/Chinese market, we will improve the efficiency of testing and evaluation by facilitating automation and strengthening our capability to reduce development time.



《Reference: FE's Core Technologies and Priority Fields》

FE's Core Technologies and Priority Fields

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