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Fuji Electric Releases an Exhaust Gas Cleaning System for Ships

 Tokyo, April 8, 2014 - Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (TSE:6504) ("FE"), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and led by President, Michihiro Kitazawa, is pleased to announce the release of an exhaust gas cleaning system intended for ships.

1. Background
 At present, 40,000 ships (considers only those aged less than 20 years) are in operation around the world, and 2,000 new ships are built annually. From the perspective of environmental protection, emission control has become increasingly stringent in this field.
 The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has specified that, for purposes of reducing the emissions of sulfur oxides (SOx), a group of air pollutants, the upper limit on bunker fuel sulfur content should be 0.1% (currently 1.0%) by 2015 in the Emission Control Areas*, and 0.5% (currently 3.5%) by 2020 or 2025 in other areas which include Emission Control Areas.
 Fuji\\'s exhaust gas cleaning system meets the 0.1% regulation and contributes to a reduction of the operating costs borne by ship owners. This system features the most compact design in the industry, a product of Fuji\\'s miniaturization technology.
 We estimate the 2017 market scale of this product to be roughly 50 billion yen, and aim to acquire a market share of 20% in the year.

*Emission Control Areas (ECAs): Baltic Sea, North Sea and English Channel in Europe and Pacific and Atlantic coastal areas in North America

2. Product Features
1) Contributes to operating cost reduction
Ordinarily, conversion to costly low sulfur content fuels would be necessary once these regulations take effect. However, use of this system permits continued use of the current fuel (bunker C fuel oil), which contributes to a reduction of operating costs borne by ship owners. According to our trial calculations, we estimate the system will provide an investment recovery within three years after installation*.

 *Conditions of trial calculation: fuel price as of March 2014 and fuel consumption of a bulker equivalent to 95,000 DWT

2) Compact design offering flexible applicability to modification of existing ships
We are the first in the industry to adopt a "cyclone type," which allows for high wind speed treatment. We have achieved a size reduction of roughly 50% compared to conventional equipment. This enables the use of the system in the modification of existing ships, which have limited installation space, and also minimizes the space occupied by the exhaust gas cleaning system, thereby increasing cargo space.

3) Can be used in all areas
Two system types are provided: (1) an OPEN-loop type, which uses sea water as cleansing water and purifies the wastewater after use for discharge outside the vessel and (2) a CLOSED-loop type, which uses chemicals for purification, but does not discharge wastewater outside the vessel. In the present cleaning system, a hybrid system is employed, which allows for switching between the types according to the regulations of the area in which the ship operates.

3. Overview of Product Specifications

Sulfur dioxide (SO2) elimination efficiency

Pressure loss




≦0.5 kPa

φ2 x 7 m

22 m3

*Specifications above for main engine equivalent to 10 MW

4. Timing of Release
 OPEN-loop type: October 2014
 CLOSED-loop type: April 2015

5. Major Applications
 Bulkers, tankers, container ships, car carrier ships, etc.

6. Customer Inquiries
 Machinery and Electronics Division, Industrial Infrastructure Business Group, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
 Telephone: +81-42-585-6163

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