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Fuji Electric Announces a Small and Medium-scale Monitoring and Control System MICREX-VieW XX

Tokyo, November 05, 2013 - Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (TSE:6504) headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, led by President, Michihiro Kitazawa, is pleased to announce MICREX-VieW XX (double X), a small and medium-scale monitoring and control system.


1. Background

In Japan, demand for the replacement of equipment and systems is expected to increase due to the aging of infrastructure and factories. In Asia, where markets are expected to grow, Japanese companies and their foreign counterparts are accelerating their expansion, mainly in the material and manufacturing industries.
MICREX-VieW XX is a system for monitoring and control, mainly of factory production lines and power generation plants. It will be actively rolled out mainly in Japan and Asia in order to contribute to the stable operation and safety/security of customer facilities. 

2. Product Features
1) Accommodation of a wide-range of plants
MICREX-VieW XX accommodates a wide variety of plants through the construction of a monitoring and control system platform. In addition, MICREX-VieW XX supports both process automation (automatic control of temperature, pressure, flow rate, etc.) and factory automation (automatic control in processing and assembly) and is capable of monitoring and controlling an entire line with one unit.

2) High operability and visibility
MICREX-VieW XX possesses a multi-window feature that uses up to eight screens for displaying facility operating conditions and operation history required for operation management by the operator. Given this, as well as the free layout/free sizing feature that allows for the free arrangement and scaling of screens, it has realized high operability. In addition, an operator-friendly universal color (visual information including color scheme and design offering ease of use to everybody) is adopted. 

3) Significantly improved data capacity and processing speed

Input/output memory capacity

Program capacity

Operation period

Control LAN transmission rate

4,096 words
(Double that of existing product)

512 K steps
(Comparable to existing product)

1 ms min.
(10 times the speed of the existing product)

1 Gbps
(10 times the speed of the existing product)


3. Applicable Field
Garbage incineration, cement, power generation, food, oil/gas, automobile, etc.

4. Timing of Release
Start of order acceptance: the date of this announcement
Start of shipment: June 2014

5. Sales Forecast
FY2015: 15 billion yen 

6. Customer Inquiries
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. Industrial Infrastructure Business Group
Measurement and Control Systems Division Industrial
Measurement System Engineering Department
Telephone: +81-42-585-6030

Monitoring and control screen
Monitoring and control screen

Controller XCS-3000
Controller XCS-3000

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