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Fuji Electric Launches Power Conditioners for Mega Solar

Tokyo, July 02, 2012 - Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (TSE:6504) announced that it released the ‘PVI Series’ power conditioners for use in mega solar applications.

1. Objective

Constructions of mega solar, large-scale photovoltaic generating facilities, are being planned for various locations across the globe as a source of renewable energy. The power conditioner in this recent launch takes advantage of Fuji Electric’s dominance in power electronics technology, to achieve high-efficiency and large capacity - ideal specifications for use in mega solar.

Fuji Electric is contributing to the growth of mega solar needs by actively expanding sales in the rapidly expanding markets of China, India, Southeast Asia, and Japan.

2. Features

(1) Achievement of the world’s highest efficiency rate
Switching losses and filter losses are significantly reduced by applying the new 3-level conversion circuit, which incorporates the world's highest class efficiency proprietary technology. This allows customers to achieve the world's top level efficiency of 98.5%, minimizing energy losses.

(2) Reducing both construction time and cost
All of the basic features are bundled in an integrated system, including basic peripherals such as switch gears and transformers. The realization of 1000 kW capacity has made it possible to reduce the number of installed power conditioners needed for mega solar. The result is shorter local installation and assembly time, and a reduction in construction costs.

(3) Dust and water resistance
The equipment has acquired IP54 standards certification for dust and water resistance, for its use in mega solar, and outdoor use.

3. Basic specifications
Type DC input voltage range Rated output capacity Output voltage Compliance Dimensions (mm)
DC1000V 1000 kW AC3Φ3W6.6kV IEC 62109-1 W6050×D2400×H2830
4. Sales objective

Ten billion yen by 2015.

5. Launch time

Now on sale.

※ [For information about the release of the new 3-level IGBT module]


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