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October 6, 2010 Fuji Electric Holdings Co., Ltd.

Release of the FH02500UAD High-Efficiency Switching Power Supply

Fuji Electric Holdings Co., Ltd. announces that Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd., a core operating company of Fuji Electric Holdings, released the FH02500UAD switching power supply today. The new product conforms to 80 PLUS Platinum certification,* one of the highest industry standards for power supplies with respect to energy savings and high efficiency.

In the field of IT and telecommunications, high performance equipment with low environmental impact is increasingly in demand. Accordingly, efficient high density switching power supplies with superior output power are required. With the top rank of Platinum, Fuji Electric’s FH02500UAD attains the highest level of efficiency under 80 PLUS certification standards for power supplies.

In addition, Fuji Electric exhibited the FH02500UAD at the CEATEC Suite exhibition.

* In the 80 PLUS program, a power supply product is certified as 80 PLUS if its conversion efficiency rate is over 80% when operating between 20–100% load. Products are ranked according to four levels of efficiency. More information is available at the following Web site: https://www.80plus.org/

1. Features
(1) The FH02500UAD attains an efficiency ranking of Platinum under 80 PLUS certification, equivalent to more than 94% efficiency at 50% load.
(2) Power density (output power wattage / power supply unit volume) is 1.7 W/cc, 1.3 times higher than Fuji Electric’s previous model.
(3) The FH02500UAD is equipped with a power supply data communication function to high-level integrated systems in compliance with Power Supply Management Interface (PSMI) standards.
2. Overview of specifications
(1) Input voltage: 100 VAC and/or 200 VAC universal input
(2) Output voltage and current: 54 VDC, 46 A single output (54 VDC, 23 A for 100 VAC input),
with 12 VDC, 2 A stand-by output
(3) Dimensions: 101.6 mm W x 41 mm H x 355 mm D
3. Standard price

70,000 Japanese Yen

4. Applications

Telecommunications, industrial facilities and systems including semiconductor manufacturing equipment

5. Date of product release

October 6, 2010

6. Sales targets

3,000 units per year are targeted in the first fiscal year, and over 20,000 units per year are targeted after two years in the market

Contact information

Planning Department, Facility Systems & Solutions Division, Social Solutions Group, Environmental Solutions Business Headquarters, Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd.
Telephone: +81-3-6717-0624

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