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May 10, 2010 Fuji Electric Holdings Co., Ltd.

Sales Release of 2,000kW Geothermal Binary Power Generation System

Fuji Electric Holdings Co., Ltd. announced that Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd., a core operating company under its umbrella of Fuji Electric Group companies, has commenced sales of a binary power generation system that utilizes geothermal resources. The product falls in the area of energy solutions, designated as one of the principle businesses of the Fuji Electric Group.

Geothermal power generation applies steam from underground, generally at temperatures exceeding 150 degrees Celsius, to drive a turbine to generate power. In contrast, binary power generation utilizes lower temperature steam and hot water as a heat source, and generates power by evaporating low boiling point fluid.

The Fuji Electric Group has been developing its geothermal power generation business since the 1970s in Southeast Asia, New Zealand, the United States, Iceland, and other countries around the world, and has succeeded in installing numerous geothermal power systems. Drawing from this extensive experience, it has now completed the commercialization of the 2,000kW geothermal binary power generation system. The system utilizes geothermal energy at temperature levels lower than what was previously possible, by applying low boiling point fluids to drive a turbine. As such, the product offers an effective method for using energy with the broader aim of realizing a low-carbon society.

1. Environmentally friendly and economical benefits
(1) In comparison with power generated from fossil fuels such as oil, geothermal power generation has a very low impact on the environment in terms of CO2 emissions and other indicators. Furthermore, even among other natural energy sources, geothermal energy can be utilized with a high degree of stability.
(2) Binary power generation can effectively utilize low-temperature steam, which was previously impossible, and low-temperature hot water that is sent back underground after use at existing geothermal generations systems. Consequently, binary power generation has expanded the field of geothermal power generation.
(3) Binary power generation uses normal pentane as its secondary medium, a fluid that has low global warming potential.
(4) The system is fitted with an air-cooled heat exchanger that does not require cooling water.

2. Possible heat sources used and areas of application
(1) Geothermal usage
  The system can use geothermal steam, hot water, or extracting steam from hot dry rock at temperatures between 100 – 150 degrees Celsius.
(2) Solar heat usage (see Diagram 1)
  For this application, a primary medium such as oil is warmed by solar heat, and the secondary medium of normal pentane is evaporated to drive the turbine.

Diagram 1: Solar heat usage
Solar thermal binary power qeneration

3. Targeted markets
(1) Markets for newly installed facilities
  During the period from 2011 to 2014, new facilities with an average capacity of 160 megawatts are expected to be constructed in countries around the world, particularly in Southeast Asia, Australia, and Central and South America. The total capacity of binary power generation facilities is also expected to increase rapidly within the next five to ten years, owing to the development of new technology for extracting steam by artificially injecting water into hot dry rock.
(2) Markets for expansion of existing facilities
  Binary power generation facilities are being added to existing geothermal power generation sites. To do this, one power generation method utilizes low temperature water that was previously sent back re-injection well (detailed below in Diagram 2). Another method utilizes low-temperature steam from degraded production wells that cannot be used for existing power generation facilities.

By applying its technologies in both binary power generation as well as flash power generation, the Fuji Electric Group is offering total solutions for geothermal energy.

Diagram 2: System for expansion of existing power generation facilities
System for expansion of existing power generation facilities

4. Sales target

With sales in Japan beginning in 2010, a sales target of 2.5 billion yen has been set for 2011.

5. Contact information

Green Energy Solutions Division, Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd.
Telephone: +81-(0)44-329-2121

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