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December 10,2007 Fuji Electric Holdings Co., Ltd.

Winners of "Future of Solar Cells - Idea Contest"

Winner's photographFuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd. (FES) held “Future of Solar Cells – Idea Contest” in December 9, 2007 at Tokyo International Forum in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. The purpose of the contest was to solicit from university students unique ideas to utilize “F-WAVE”, a film substrate amorphous solar cell produced by FES. Mr. Taizo Tamaki from Mie University won the grand prize. The grand prize winner and each outstanding idea award winner were awarded by Alpinist Ken Noguchi and President Yanai of FES a plaque, a commemorative gift (a book written by Ken Noguchi) and a list of prizes.

The Grand Prize Work
“M-wave Campus Life”
Taizo Tamaki, Mie University Graduate School of Engineering (group participation)
Students carry bags equipped with a solar cell (“e-bag”). While accumulated electricity in the solar cell is used to charge his or her mobile phone, it is collected by the university in exchange of eco-points according to the amount of electricity accumulated. Students can use accumulated eco-points to receive benefits from the university such as free use of copy machines or to earn credits for environmental report.
Reason for the award
This idea will be able to promote use of clean energy at university by involving the entire campus. It will also lead to raise environmental consciousness of each student.
Outstanding Idea Award Works
“Possibility of Utilization of Solar Cells for Security and Safety”
Shunsuke Tsuda, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering, Yamanashi University (group participation)

“Compatibility between Solar Cell and Dry Mist”
Satoshi Yuki, Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Metropolitan University (individual participation)

“Effectiveness of Film Substrate Solar Cells in Field Activities”
Yuki Nakamura, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Agriculture, Kagoshima University (individual participation)

“Multi-purpose Curtains for Household Use Utilizing Flexible Solar Cells”
Hiroteru Takahashi, Kumamoto University Graduate School of Science and Technology (individual participation)

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