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November 30,2007 Fuji Electric Holdings Co., Ltd.

Report of factory tour meeting

Fuji Electric Holdings (FHC) held a tour to Saitama factory of Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd. (FES) for its shareholders on Friday, November 30, 2007. This was the first time that FHC has conducted a factory tour for its shareholders.

To have its shareholders deepen understanding of Fuji Electric Group, we hold a briefing session about its management policy every year after the annual general shareholders meeting in June. We also held its first briefing session in Kansai area on November 19, 2007. The first factory tour was designed to have its shareholders feel closer to Fuji Electric Group as well as to improve their understanding of Fuji Electric Group's businesses by having them see directly Fuji Electric Group's manufacturing site and products.

The Saitama factory develops and manufactures vending machines such as cup-type drink vending machine for which Fuji Electric Group has a large market share. The factory tour included a tour of manufacturing lines for vending machines, a briefing session by the president of FHC about Fuji Electric Group's strategy for growth, an introduction of FES's businesses by the president of FES, and presentation and demonstration of latest vending machines.

We showed 70 participants assembling and test processes for vending machines and how Fuji Electric Group works on the environmental protection and manufacturing in its factory. We also showed the process how drink is made within a cup-type drink vending machine. By looking at the internal mechanism of a vending machine which they usually do not have an opportunity to see, the participated shareholders were able to deepen understanding of vending machines.

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