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November 7, 2005 Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd.

Fuji Electric Systems Delivers Lifecycle Total Solution by
Launching a New Process Control System

Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd. (President: Haruo Ito) is pleased to announce its successful development and launch of "MICREX-NX Version 6.1", an enhancement version of "MICREX-NX", a new process control system released last November.

"MICREX-NX V6.1" has been developed based on the concept of providing lifecycle total solution for the optimal plant management which achieves cost reduction, stability of plant operation and ensuring of safety with high security functionality in each phase of the plant lifecycle from engineering to management, maintenance and renewal of the system. MICREX-NX V6.1 will also provide various application solution packages such as Batch Control System, Asset Management System and Safety System which are in compliance with international standards or industry standards.

I. Features
  1. Provide solutions based on customers needs by integrating all the system components and solutions from field to production management and enterprise management level;
  2. Flexibly integrate a process control system into advanced technologies such as a safety instrumentation system by using the highly reliable controller with advanced redundant architecture;
  3. Ensure further enhanced security by requiring users to obtain an access authorization per each plant area and equipment, and also enable to implement such security measures as electronic certification;
  4. Enable maximum use of assets by providing migration gateway compatibility with existing system for the partial renewal or expansion of plants with minimum capital investment.
  5. Provide following solution packages which are in compliance with different international and industry standards:
    (1) Batch Control System
    This system is designed for batch processes for food and beverage, and pharmaceutical and chemical plants complying with the international standard IEC61512 (ISA S88). It will provide functions with high reliability to manage such process data as basic production logging data, and electronic authentication and audit trail by supporting FDA 21 CFR Part 11, a code of federal regulations regarding electronic record and electronic signatures stipulated by the US Food and Drug Administration.
    (2) Integrated Asset Management System
    This system will manage all the system component and equipment failures, monitor diagnosis information, create maintenance request messages and control maintenance logging.
    (3) Safety Instrumentation System
    This system will enable to operate both safety instrumentation and standard control functions in the same system that is required for the emergency shutoff system or extinguishing equipment of a plant. The system is in compliance with the international safety standard IEC61508 and also approved by TÜV, a German third party certification organization. The controller with the safety instrumentation function will be able to support up to safety class SIL 3 in a single system.
II. Release Date
November 7, 2005
III. Customer Inquiry
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