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February 2005 Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd.

Fuji Electric Systems and Siemens sign agreement for partnership in the area of drive system for metals industries

Fuji Electric System Co., Ltd. (President: Haruo Ito, hereafter called Fuji Electric Systems) and Siemens Group Industrial Solutions and Services (I&S) (Group President: Joergen Ole Haslestad, hereafter called Siemens I&S) have come to a fundamental agreement regarding the comprehensive collaboration for sales of electromechanical products and providing services, and regarding the market finding in the area of drive systems for metals industry in the Japanese market.

Fuji Electric Systems has many experiences as a plant-system vendor in the relevant area through providing competent techniques, products and services. Based upon these experiences and further for coping with the market needs, Fuji Electric decided to provide drive system solutions to its customers in collaboration with Siemens I&S on the basis of a new partnership regarding the strengths of Fuji Electric Systems.

ML2In addition to its conventional drive system products Fuji Electric Systems is getting supply of large capacity drive systems including relevant services from Siemens I&S. Fuji Electric Systems is going to realize the business development for all kinds of drive systems including those for rolling mill equipments, for which expansion of replacement demands is expected in future. For the rolling mill equipments a high replacement demand of main drive systems is expected in the coming 10 years, for which Fuji Electric Systems aims to obtain a substantial share of domestic rolling mill equipments.

Fuji Electric Systems is planning for future through the collaboration to promote the mutual supply and development of products required for construction the plant systems and to focus its management resources on reinforcing the competitiveness plant systems.

Fuji Electric Group made a transition to a pure holding company structure since October 1st, 2003. This new structure consists of Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd, Fuji Electric FA Components and Systems Co., Ltd., Fuji Electric Device Technology Co., Ltd. and Fuji Electric Retail Systems Co., Ltd. as the operational companies.
Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd. is a major domestic comprehensive electrical manufacturer which performs integrated business from construction of equipments to service for the social and industrial infrastructure business area.

[Capital] 25 billion yen
[Sales] Consolidated: 390 billion yen, Independent: 250 billion yen (fiscal 2003)
[Number of employees] Consolidated: 9,900, Independent: 5,700 (fiscal 2003)
[Head office] 6 – 17 Sanban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0075, Japan

The Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services Group (I&S) provides innovative solutions and services designed to improve competitiveness in processing and manufacturing industries and in infrastructure. Offerings cover the entire life cycle of industrial and infrastructure facilities, from consulting and planning through installation, operation, integration of MES-solutions, maintenance and modernization. In fiscal 2004 (to September 30) I&S employed a total of 30.300 people worldwide and achieved total sales of EUR 4.290 billion.

Further information and downloads under: https://www.is.siemens.com

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