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December 15, 2004 Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd.

Fuji Electric Systems Launches New Process Control Automation System

Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd. (President: Haruo Ito, hereafter Fuji Electric Systems) is pleased to announce its successful development and launch of "MICREX-NX", a new process control system in process automation field based on the concept of providing totally integrated vertical and horizontal solutions to the all industries' customers.
With further improvement of existing monitoring and control functions, "MICREX-NX" combined control system and information system from production field to enterprise management level (vertical integration), uniting various production systems (PA system and FA system) covering from upstream to downstream of the process flow (horizontal integration). "MICREX-NX" has high scalabilities to be able to cover from small- to large-scale plants and, therefore, is flexible enough to expand the system according to the plant growth while inheriting customers' assets. Moreover, the system strengthened safety and security functions so that it can flexibly respond to further evolution of the plant by providing various solutions in accordance with international standards such as the batch system and others.

1. Development Background
In October 2003, Fuji Electric Systems and Siemens AG (hereafter Siemens) signed a global partnership agreement on joint business in process automation field. It covers mutual sales of products, development of next generation products, and common marketing activities to launch new marketing innovation. The both companies are currently striving to consolidate their competitive products and jointly developing measuring equipment and control systems.
"MICREX-NX" is based on "SIMATIC PCS 7"-the global market leader of control system-produced by Siemens and has enhanced functions for the Japanese market by adding plant and engineering know-how that Fuji Electric Systems has accumulated so far.

2. Features
(1) Vertical and Horizontal Integrated System Provides Optimum Solution.
By combining various hardware and software modules required for plant operation and production control from production field to enterprise management level, "MICREX-NX" can provide optimum production system depending on customers' plant scale.
Based on integrated database and standard network, "MICREX-NX" takes one step forward the existing concept of Electrical Instrumentation (EI) integration, materializing a total system that integrates not only process control (PA) and electrical machinery control (FA) but also support from material transportation to logistics and utilities.
(2) The Evolving System Protects Your Assets.
As "MICREX-NX" is compatible with our conventional "MICREX" series of products, customers can continue to utilize their assets to the maximum extent. In addition, "MICREX-NX" complies with required laws and regulations in each industrial field and strengthens security and safety functions that satisfy international safety standards. Thus, the system can secure technical predominance at customers' plant and respond to its globalization.
  • The system corresponds to international standards network at each level of plant (Ethernet, PROFIBUS, HART, AS-I etc.).
  • Software design employs a programming language that complies with the international standard IEC 61131-3.
  • The system provides the batch system suitable for the batch process in chemical, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical plants, which complies with the international standard IEC61512 (ISA S88).
  • The system corresponds to electronic records, electronic signatures, and audit trail systems for food and pharmaceutical manufacturing process in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, Code of Federal Regulations stipulated by the US Food and Drug Administration.
  • The system provides safety instrumentation system that complies with the international standard IEC61508.
(3) High-Quality and High Efficient System Built by Integrated Engineering Environment.
By using integrated engineering database, "MICREX-NX" can integrate optional software package such as the batch system and safety system into basic monitoring, control and asset management systems. The system can reserve customers' software assets as a re-usable library by flexibly creating customized module, thus ensuring highly efficient engineering. Furthermore, it offers simulator that can improve engineering and testing efficiency and quality.
(4) "MICREX-NX" Is A System That Is In Step With the Time.
"MICREX-NX" offers a fully redundant system in each level of HMI, network, control devices, and process input and output (PIO). With highly sophisticated functions such as event management, time synchronization and time stamp, it also enables to find out exact errors occurring at the plants and analyze them rapidly with great accuracy.

3. Major Markets and Applications
"MICREX-NX" can be utilized in the following industries' plants: chemical, iron and steel, garbage disposal, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, oil and gas, power generation, ceramic, transportation and others.

4. Sales Target
200 systems (accumulated number) by fiscal 2006

Through the cooperation with Siemens, Fuji Electric Systems continues to advance integration of the both companies' products and dedicate all the efforts to concentrate management resources on further strengthening competitive products.

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