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Fuji Electric employs thorough measures to ensure compliance with laws and corporate ethics and always acts with the highest ethical standards to achieve sustained corporate growth.

Basic policy on compliance

Fuji Electric has a basic policy that gives top priority to global compliance. Based on this policy, we established the Fuji Electric Compliance Regulations, which is a concrete guideline for compliance. We also promote compliance through the Fuji Electric Compliance Program and the Fuji Electric Business Ethics Whistle-Blowing Systems.

Compliance Promotion System

The Fuji Electric Compliance Promotion Committee was established to ensure full compliance with laws and social norms on a global basis. The Committee is chaired by the Representative Director of Fuji Electric, and it consists of control chiefs (managers of businesses and corporate department heads) responsible for the respective regulating laws and regulations, who serve as the members, and Standing Auditors and outside experts (attorneys), who serve as observers. It meets twice every fiscal year to deliberate on the execution and planning of compliance, and it reports the results of these deliberations, including anti-corruption matters, to the Board of Directors for supervision. In the event of a compliance infraction, the Committee has a system in place to take any necessary measures after deliberating on fact-finding investigations, corrective actions, recurrence prevention measures, internal punishments, and internal and external disclosures.

Compliance Regulations

Status of Compliance Promotion

1. Fuji Electric Compliance Program

Fuji Electric has established forthwith the Fuji Electric Compliance Program for the company and other group companies in Japan and overseas, including new members of the Fuji Electric Group, to bring together four aspects (listed in 1 through 4 below) of domestic and overseas laws and regulations (including laws and regulations related to anti-corruption, fair competition, labor/human rights, product safety/environment, taxation/accounting, information security, and export management). The program is implemented under the review and revision of the Fuji Electric Compliance Promotion Committee. As part of our efforts to verify and review the effectiveness of the Compliance Program, we are continuously making efforts toward external certification.

  • Establishment, revision, abolition, and dissemination of internal rules
  • Constant monitoring of status of compliance with laws and internal rules
  • Auditing of status of compliance with respect to the above 1 and 2.
  • Compliance education

[Compliance Education]

We promote wide-ranging compliance education and instruction through level-specific and job-specific group training and e-learning programs, as well as displaying posters internally and distributing pamphlets.

Training for newly appointed managers(FY2019)
Training for newly appointed managers(FY2019)

FY2020 Results(Example)

Participants Details
Level-specific training Newly appointed executives 25 Important laws and regulations, such as competition laws and anti-corruption
Points to consider when performing duties
Newly appointed managers 120
New employees 269 Overview of compliance, and important laws and regulations, such as competition laws and anti-corruption
Job-specific training Sales and administrative department employees 2,316 Compliance framework, and important laws and regulations, such as competition laws and anti-corruption

2. Fuji Electric Business Ethics Whistle-Blowing Systems

To prevent infractions of laws and regulations and ensure early detection, we have introduced and are operating the Fuji Electric Business Ethics Whistle-Blowing Systems. Under these systems, internal and external parties can report real or suspected violations of laws, regulations, or internal rules including matters related to bribery and corruption to the president of Fuji Electric via contact points (anonymous reporting is also possible).

Business ethics helpline

The Business Ethics Helpline handles reporting from our employees in Japan and around the world (including dispatched employees). We strive to make all employees aware of it through posts on the intranet and feature articles in the company magazine on problems that have been resolved thanks to the helpline.

Partner hotline

The Partner Hotline handles reporting from our suppliers about Fuji Electric’s materials procurement operations. We make our business partners aware of the system through posts on our public website and at explanatory forums for subcontractors.

As a result of these efforts, there were 47 reports made in FY2020 (25 in FY2019).

We also work meticulously to protect whistle-blowers by keeping their personal information confidential and prohibiting disadvantageous treatment and retaliatory or discriminatory acts on the grounds of whistle-blowing. In addition, we take all necessary steps to resolve issues raised by whistle-blowers, including fact-finding investigations, corrective actions, and recurrence prevention measures.

Framework of the Business Ethics Whistle-Blowing Systems

Framework of the Business Ethics Whistle-Blowing Systems

Results of Compliance Promotion

Initiatives related to anti-corruption

Through the Fuji Electric Corporate Code of Conduct and a directive on the prevention of corruption, we have established a policy that no employee may offer or receive bribes to or from anyone in the public or private sector in any country or region. We reinforce the prevention of corruption with thorough implementation of rules, daily monitoring, audits, and training.
For officers and employees found to be involved in corruption, our policy is to consider disciplinary action based on our work rules and take strict measures accordingly. In FY2020, however, there were no incidents of officers or employees violating anti-corruption rules, and no fines, surcharges, or settlements were incurred related to corruption, including cases under the Fuji Electric Business Ethics Whistle-Blowing Systems.

Initiatives related to competition laws

Through our Antimonopoly Act Compliance Manual, the Foreign Competition Law Compliance Manual, and other regulations, we are enhancing measures to prevent the violation of competition laws. We also perform daily monitoring by confirming quotations and estimates via an extensive bidding information management system and extensive record-keeping. In addition, our auditing divisions perform audits in accordance with auditing guidelines, and we conduct extensive level-specific and job-specific training.
Nor in FY2020 were there any serious issues to be disclosed regarding the Competition Law, including under the Fuji Electric Business Ethics Whistle-Blowing Systems.


In addition to the above, there were no compliance infractions with the potential to seriously impact management in FY2020.