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ESGEnvironmental Management Organizational Framework

Environmental Management Organizational Framework

The SDGs Promotion Comittie deliberates and evaluates the environmental management issues which the Environmental Vision Promotion Subcommittee has evaluated.These issues are reported to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors for deliberation as necessary.

The Environmental Manufacturing Working Group, composed of environmental managers from the operating sites, promotes initiatives aimed at fulfilling the Environmental Vision 2050 and complies with our Basic Environmental Protection Policy. The members incorporate the environmental goals and initiatives into their individual divisions and are responsible for managing and fully carrying out initiatives based on environmental management systems.

We have also established specialized organization, professional structure to focus the full force of our abilities into our initiatives for the environmental issues identified as important, and create policies and strategic plans without delay.

Fuji Electric is continuously taking various approaches to resolve environmental issues.

Fuji Electric Environmental Promotion System

Environmental Management 3-Year Rolling Plan

Environmental Management Targets

Environmental management targets are determined along with measures to be taken to achieve medium-to-long-term targets set forth in Environmental Vision 2050.

We strive to achieve the goals of the Environmental Vision 2050 and Fiscal 2030 Reduction Target, which were launched in June 2019. Given the recent global trend of gearing toward decarbonization, we updated the Fiscal 2030 Reduction Target in March 2022. Going forward, we will determine the specific measures needed to achieve a decarbonized society and carbon neutrality.