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ESGMessage from the Environmental Officer

Michio Abe Senior Managing Executive Officer Corporate General Manager,Production & Procurement Group
Michio Abe
Senior Managing Executive Officer
Corporate General Manager,
Production & Procurement Group

Preventing climate change, effectively utilizing natural resources, preserving biodiversity, and addressing other environmental issues are becoming ever-more important. This comes as initiatives to achieve the SDGs that have been adopted by the global community become increasingly prevalent.

Fuji Electric’s environmental activities have been promoted based on its Environmental Vision 2050, formulated in fiscal 2019. Its SDGs Promotion Committee and its affiliated Environmental Vision Promotion Subcommittee, newly established in fiscal 2020 are also driving force of the activities.

In fiscal 2020 the Company achieved all its goals of Environmental Vision 2050. This was accomplished by expanding the volume of CO2 reduction which contributes to society, earned through the introduction of biomass power generation equipment and increased production of IGBT modules, the development of production technology that led to reduced SF6 volume used in the production process, lower greenhouse gas emissions during production owing to energy conservation, and by cutting the final waste disposal rate by implementing the three Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) all along the supply chain, among other measures.

At the same time, efforts at decarbonization are picking up speed on the global level, and given the Japanese government’s declaration of “2050 Carbon Neutrality”, great progress has been made. In light of this, Fuji Electric has reviewed its Environmental Vision 2050. Specifically, we revised our goal of achieving a “low-carbon” society to realizing a “decarbonized” society, and raised our level of goals for fiscal 2030 and fiscal 2050 to achieve carbon neutrality. Together with recognizing climate change risks, we will promote activities toward new goals through the spread of clean energy technologies and energy conservation products.

In addition, with the rising importance of information disclosure concerning climate change, among other environmental management issues, we will promote the disclosure of environment-related information in compliance with international recommendations and frameworks such as TCFD/CDP.

Fuji Electric continues to aim for realizing a decarbonized society, a recycling-oriented society, and a society in harmony with nature.