News Release
Launch of Uninterruptible Power Supply System with One of the Highest Capacities in the Industry to Meet the Rising Demand for Data Centers

July 10,2023
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the expansion of the 7500WX Series high-capacity uninterruptible power supply systems (hereinafter, “UPS”) to launch a new product with a single-unit capacity of 2,400 kVA.

1. Background

With the development of technologies like DX and cloud systems and the use of AI, more data centers are being constructed around the world. By combining the equipment necessary to create a data center, Fuji Electric offers integrated services that include design, construction, and operation support for the entire facility, thereby contributing to the secure supply of electricity and to reduction of CO2 emissions. And the one of the core equipment Fuji offers is “UPS” because it can supply power even during power outages.

Hyperscale data centers, which have been increasing in recent years, require a high-capacity power supply of 20,000 kVA or more, and data center operators are demanding UPSs of even greater capacity, greater efficiency, and smaller size. In FY2021, Fuji Electric launched the 7500WX Series high-capacity UPS (with a single-unit capacity of 1,200 kVA) for hyperscale data centers.

The lineup has recently been expanded with the launch of a model with a single-unit capacity of 2,400 kVA, one of the industry’s highest.

2. Product Features

1)One of the highest power conversion efficiency in the industry, contributing to reducing CO2 emissions and running costs

The products are equipped with a high-efficiency mode (HE mode) that allows operation with commercial power sources when the commercial power supply is stable, achieving a power conversion efficiency of 98.5%.*1 It contributes to CO2 reduction and significantly reduces running costs.*2

2)Achieves space saving with one of the smallest footprints in the industry

The products feature an integrated design that combines Input/Output cabinets and switchgears, reducing the footprint by 25%*3 compared to conventional systems and making it one of the smallest in the industry.

3)Contributes to reducing installation time and costs

The uniquely developed internal structure reduces the number of wires. In addition, the products adopt the bus duct connections instead of cable connections.
These allow a 30%*3 reduction of construction time and costs compared to conventional systems.


96% in normal operation


Changing from normal mode to HE mode is estimated to save up to 14.41 million yen in annual electricity costs and to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 245 tons (t-CO2) per 2,400kVA unit per year. (According to research by Fuji Electric.)


Comparison with a 2,400kVA system composed of five units of Fuji Electric’s 500kVA UPS

3. Product Specifications

4. Launch Schedule

As of the date of this announcement.

5. Applications

For Data centers, Semiconductor factories, etc.

6. Product Inquiries

Sales Dept. II, Energy Solution Division, Power Electronics Sales Group, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.


The information conveyed in this release (product features, inquiry information, etc.) is accurate as of the date of this announcement and is subject to change without prior notice.