News Release
Fuji Electric to Provide Equipment for 5,000kW Geothermal Binary Power Generation Facility

May 26,2015
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (TSE:6504) ("FE"), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, led by President, Michihiro Kitazawa, has received orders for a 5,000kW-class geothermal binary power generation facility for the Takigami Binary Geothermal Power Plant developed by Idemitsu Oita Geothermal Co., Ltd., hereinafter "Idemitsu Oita Geothermal," headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, led by President Teruo Takenaka.

1.Project Details

Fuji Electric will provide a complete turnkey solution, including the engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction of this power plant project for Idemitsu Oita Geothermal. The Takigami Binary Geothermal Power Plant will be located on the site of Idemitsu Oita Geothermal's Production Facilities. Hot water produced as a result of the steam condensed by the existing power plant (27,500kW generation capacity), which is owned by the Kyusyu Electric Power Company, Inc., will be used to generate power.

2.Fuji Electric's Geothermal Power Generation Business

Geothermal power generation is a renewable energy source that generates power by using hot water and steam extracted from beneath the Earth's surface. As a baseload source of electricity, it provides a stable supply of power. Since 1960, Fuji Electric has supplied 71 geothermal steam turbine power plants in Japan and overseas with a total generation capacity of 2,787MW. Fuji's supply of 21 plants between 2004 and 2013, with a total installed capacity of 1,068MW, constitutes over 40% of the geothermal power installed during that period, making Fuji the world leader in the global geothermal power generation market.
Binary power generation is a power generation system using a motive fluid with a low boiling point (such as pentane). Power can be generated using lower-temperature hot water (100°C - 150°C) that is returned underground after use in geothermal power generation. Fuji Electric has drawn on its extensive experience in geothermal power generation to develop geothermal binary power generation technology. Fuji has been selling geothermal binary power generation facilities since 2010. Along with a lineup of 2,000kW, 6,000kW, and 10,000kW capacity plants, Fuji offers customized solutions to suit customers' individual capacity requirements.
As the world leader in geothermal power generation, Fuji Electric is committed to providing energy solutions and to the engineering and manufacturing of low-carbon emission products that have a positive impact on the environment.