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Fuji Electric Systems Releases the World's First High-Voltage Drop/Dip Compensator Using Lithium Ion Capacitor

April 23,2009
Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd.

Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd. (President and Representative Director: Mitsunori Shirakura, hereinafter referred to as “FES”) announced today the release and immediate availability of its new high-voltage drop/dip compensator, 8000H series. With a lithium ion capacitor (LiC) being used as its energy storage device for the first time in the world, the new series has less environmental impact and a much smaller footprint.

As the use of IT equipment expands and the need for datacenter reinforcement increases due to demand expansion, it is increasingly required for operators of datacenters, which require large amount of electric power, to reduce their facilities' environmental impact or to backup electric power for the entire facility in case of an instantaneous voltage drop or blackout. Momentary voltage drops or blackout in plant also cause significant losses, especially to manufactures of semiconductors, LC displays, solar cells and other high-value-added products. These situations have traditionally been addressed individually through various measures, including installation of low-voltage uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs). Implementing and maintaining these measures individually, however, can be costly at large facilities. In addition, increased sophistication and automation of production processes have resulted in more production facilities that need to be protected against instantaneous voltage drops. In this backdrop, large scales of measures are required to backup electric power for the entire production facility.

To respond to these market needs, FES introduced in 2007 a high-voltage drop/dip compensator using lead battery which can cover from 15 seconds momentary voltage drops to up to 5 minutes short-time blackout. Lead batteries, however, had some drawbacks: They were large in size and required regular maintenance, replacement and disposal. There was also a strong demand from customers for devices that cover short-time power failures.

To address these problems and requirements, next-generation energy accumulation devices with higher-performance were required, and therefore FES has collaborated with FDK Corporation (President & CEO: Tozo Ono) and jointly developed a LiC module for high-voltage drop/dip compensator. LiC's larger energy density, which is twice or three times as that of conventional electric double-layer capacitors, allows for cutting the traditional size of capacitor boards by more than half. For examples, by applying a LiC module, a 10 seconds backup can be possible with the capacity board of the same size as that for 2 seconds backup.

1. Features

2. Major Application Areas

3. Specification Outline

Rated output capacity: 2000kVA/1600kW Note: Up to 6 units can be operated in parallel.
Input-output voltage and number of phases/wires: 6600V±10%, 3 phases/3 wires
Efficiency: 99.3% or greater (during normal operation)
Changeover time at power failure: less than 2 msecs or faster
Back-up time: 2 – 10 seconds

4. Date of Release

The product is immediately available.

5. Sales Target

Fiscal 2009: 12 sets (approximately ¥2 billion)
Fiscal 2012: 30 sets (approximately ¥5 billion)

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