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Fuji Electric Device Technology Starts Volume Production of Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Hard Disks

July 13,2006
Fuji Electric Device Technology Co., Ltd.

Fuji Electric Device Technology (FDT) (President: Akira Takai) has announced today that it commenced a full volume production of perpendicular magnetic recording hard disks (HDs) in June 2006 to cope with increasing needs for large capacity hard disk drives (HDDs).

In the area of personal computers and digital consumer electronics, demand for higher capacity HDs is accelerating as large capacity HDDs become popular for the purpose of storing image data. Against this backdrop, perpendicular magnetic recording HDs are substituting for conventional ones using the longitudinal recording method. The perpendicular magnetic recording method allows an increase in storage density since it enables a HD to record data by forming recording magnetizations in a vertical direction.

By developing a technology to enable to coat a nonmagnetic interlayer with a thinner film, FDT has realized the media design that will enable a significant increase in productivity and higher storage density. FDT is now capable of producing 1.2 million pieces of perpendicular magnetic recording glass HDs a month. The glass HDs of 2.5- and 1.8-inch diameters will be manufactured for the time being and the production of aluminum HDs of 3.5- inch is slated to start in the beginning of 2007.

A wide range of applications is now expected for HDD and this commencement of volume production allows FDT to respond to rising demand for the HDDs with higher capacity and performance.

1. Overview of Volume Production

2. About FDT's HD Business

To keep up with an expansion in demand for HDDs, FDT is now pushing forward a ramp-up of production of aluminum HDs and glass HDs. Our current HD output of 9.5 million pieces a month will be boosted to 13 million in April 2007. Along with this step-up of manufacturing capacity, FDT will raise a production ratio of perpendicular magnetic recording HDs to 65% in March 2009 from 10% in April 2007 to meet market requirement in both quantity and quality.

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