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Achieved world-leading level of power loss reduction and down-sizing "New Dual", a New Product Line of Fifth Generation IGBT Modules U4 Series

June 13,2006
Fuji Electric Device Technology Co., Ltd.

New Dual

Fuji Electric Device Technology Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Takai) announced today that it will release New Dual, a new product line of the fifth generation IGBT modules U4 series from July 2006. The U4 series was released last year and boasts world-leading performance.

In addition to the existing feature from the U4 series that achieves a better trade-off between noise reduction and lower power loss (power loss was reduced by 30% compared with conventional products), New Dual will come in much smaller and thinner package by applying the latest high-heat dissipation substrate. This will realize downsizing and efficiency improvement of the equipment and devices that require IGBT modules. The voltage and current ratings of New Dual are 1200V/225A, 300A and 450A.

This new product line targets the following areas: inverters used in the industrial infrastructure field where future growth is expected; power conversion equipment for wind power generation systems in the alternative energy field; and large-scale uninterruptible power supplies in the information technology field. Fuji will actively market this new product line for these applications aiming at selling 10,000 units in the first year.

1. Features

By applying a new package that is as thin as 17mm, footprint and heat sink size are reduced (footprint is decreased by half).
A further enhanced feature of U4 series that enables both power loss reduction and electromagnetic noise mitigation.

2. Release Date

July 20, 2006

3. Customer Inquiry

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