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Fuji Electric Systems Releases New Model of Paperless Recorder with Enhanced Network Functions— Ethernet/Web Capabilities Further Enhance High-Speed Data Gathering and Remote Monitoring of Recorder —

May 22,2006
Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd.

Paperless Recorder

Fuji Electric Systems CO., Ltd. (President: Haruo Ito) has announced today the release of an upgraded model of its industrial paperless recorder, type PHR/PHL. Fuji's existing paperless recorder has been well-received in the market on its clear screen display and easy-to-use operation GUI. The new model has been evolved to operate as a data acquisition (DAQ) equipment with enhanced network functions which enable the recorder to collect and analyze data. The release of this model already started on May 15, 2006.

This new model, type PHR/PHL, is capable of high-speed communications, being equipped with Ethernet and RS485 (which is enabled for MODBUS protocol) connections. Data loading is made easier with an USB port at the front, which enables you to easily operate and connect the recorder with IT equipment such as personal computers.

In US and European markets, the number of shipments of paperless industrial recorders is increasing by 10% annually. Fuji will reinforce its sales network and expand OEM businesses for paperless recorders not only in Japan but also worldwide, specifically in US, Europe, India and China, targeting to sell 20,000 units in FY2008.

I. Key Enhancements

II. Applications

This paperless recorder enables multi-point data monitoring and gathering, remote monitoring via network and high-speed data collections using a SCADA system in different industrial processes such as power generation, water supply, steel making, petrochemistry, and industrial machinery operations.

III. Release Date

May 15, 2006

IV. Customer Inquiry

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