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Fuji Electric FA Component & Systems Releases SSU50TA-NS and SSU100TA-NS, Compact Surge Suppression Filters with New Design Based on Transmission-Line Principle

April 11,2006
Fuji Electric FA Components & Systems Co., Ltd.

Compact Surge Suppression Filters

Fuji Electric FA Component & Systems Co., Ltd. (President: Shigeaki Hori) announced today that Fuji will release SSU50TA-NS and SSU100TA-NS, high-quality surge suppression filters, on April 11, 2006. These new suppression filters are jointly developed and commercialized by Fuji and Oki Electric Cable Co., Ltd. (President: Yasuo Sakaki) and employ transmission-line principle. They are compact and easy to install.

In recent years, an increasing inverter switching speed has caused impedance variance between motor cables and a motor and it has resulted in surge voltage thereby causing insulation deterioration between motor windings and shortening motor life significantly. To address this problem, surge suppression filters that consist of a reactor, capacitor and resistor have been used. However, this means that a different filter is required depending on motor capacity. When you intend to use a surge suppression filter for a large capacity motor, its size and price have been great issues.

Fuji's newly developed surge suppression filters SSU50TA-NS for 50 meter motor cables and SSU100TA-NS for 100 meter motor cables are designed to address all these issues of a conventional surge suppression filter by employing transmission-line principle. They are compact and have a completely new design.

One filter is for 50 meter motor cables and the other for 100 meter motor cables, both applicable to the motor capacity range of 0.2kW to 75kW (three-phase 200V and 400V). They will allow for keeping surge level under 1kV. With their footprint and volume downsized respectively to a half and one-third of those of our conventional filter for 15kW motor, no large space is required for installation. You can easily add a surge suppression feature to not only new facilities but also to existing ones. Wiring is to the motor terminals only, without messy wiring work.

These new filters are compliant to RoHS Directive, being friendly to environment and peripheral equipment.

1. Overview

Compact, lightweight and high-performance filters based on transmission-line principle. Selecting a filter is according to the cable length (m) between the inverter and motor, not to the motor capacity (kW).
They cover wide range of motors from 0.2kW up to 75kW.
Filtering involves no drive signal loss.

2. Target Market

SSU50TA-NS and SSU100TA-NS are well suited to the following machines and equipment where surge suppression is required:

General industrial machines
Apparatus for commercial-use
Funs and pumps (for the purpose of energy saving)

3. External Dimensions

4. Targeted Number of Units to be Sold

3,000 units are planned to be sold in the initial year.

5. Model Range

SSU50TA-NS for 50 meter motor cables
SU100TA-NS for 100 meter motor cables

6. Release Date

April 10, 2006

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