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Fuji Electric FA Components & Systems Releases Next Generation Matrix Converter FRENIC-Mx Series

March 6,2006
Fuji Electric FA Components & Systems Co., Ltd.

Fuji Electric FA Components & Systems Co., Ltd. (President: Shigeaki Hori) announced today the release of its FRENIC-Mx series (45kW — 30kW) matrix converters. FRENIX-Mx is a next generation matrix converter, adjustable speed drive that enables to generate an arbitrary AC voltage directly from AC power, changing the concept of conventional adjustable speed drives.

As more advanced and multifunctional general-purpose inverters increase, people want more advanced and multifunctional equipment and facilities containing such inverters. In addition, requirement for energy saving and environmental friendliness as well as for high added-values such as better maintenanceability or less space-consuming installation are growing. This newly announced FRENIC-Mx series will meet all these customers' needs.

1. Overview

A matrix converter is a device which converts AC power directly into an arbitrary AC voltage and frequency without intermediate conversion into DC voltage. One of its main features is the ability to return the regenerative energy generated from elevating machines or heavy inertia loads back to the power supply. The regenerative energy can be utilized for other equipment and facilities, thus contributing to total energy savings in the equipment and facilities.

Another major advantage of a matrix converter is its enhanced maintenanceability. As it has no electrolytic capacitors in the main circuit, there is no need to replace when the capacitor would reaches its end of life.

In addition, a matrix converter emits very little harmonics as its input current waveform is nearly sinusoidal (input power-factor at 100% load is more than 99%).

FRENIC-Mx series employs Fuji's unique "Virtual AC-DC-AC Conversion Method", as switching control method. This method combines both control pulses obtained from controlling a conventional inverter and a PWM rectifier and converts it into a switching pulse for a matrix converter. Since this method inherits control functions and performance from conventional inverters, the versatile property of advanced motor controlling technologies have been utilized most effectively. (Substantial change in switching controlling method would result in major development of new motor controlling method.)

2. Product Information

Name of Product: FRENIC-Mx series
Nominal Applied Motor Capacity: 45kW — 30kW (Three-phase 400V)

Although only one model with the capacity of 45kW is released this time, this model can be applied to 37kW and 30kW motor. Lager capacity models will be released in the future.

3. Product Features

Space-saving installation, higher efficiency and better maintenanceability owing to FRENIC-Mx's direct AC-AC conversion method

Space-saving installation: 56% less in volume compared with a conventional ASD comprising an inverter drive and an RHC converter

Higher efficiency: The loss during rated load operation is reduced by 33% compared with Fuji's conventional inverter drive (measured value).

Better maintenanceability: Unlike general-purpose inverters employing AC-DC-AC conversion method, Mx does not require an electrolytic capacitor having limited service life in the main circuit, eliminating regular replacement works.

Energy Saving by Regeneration of Energy

FRENIC-Mx allows to return the regenerative energy from the motors installed in vertical transfer equipment in descending operation or during braking operation, back to the power supply without special devices. With the conventional inverters, excess energy has been dissipated as heat via breaking resistors. Using Mx contributes to total energy saving in the equipment. FRENIX-Mx series is best suitable for such equipment as elevators, cranes and multi-level car parking tower where regenerative operation is frequently carried out.

Same Basic Performance Level as that of Fuji's Vector Control Inverter, FRENIC5000 VG7S

FRENIC-Mx, employing the same controlling method as that of FRENIC5000 VG7S, Fuji's high-end vector control inverter, has the same basic performance level. It allows highly accurate speed control and torque control. (Speed control range: 1000, speed control response: 100Hz.)

4. Target Market

General Industrial Machines
Vertical transfer equipment like elevators and cranes, automated picking warehouses, multi-level car parking tower

Fans or Pumps (for the purpose of energy saving or harmonics suppression)
Water treatment facilities, building automation systems, air-conditioning devices, fans, etc.

5. Targeted Number of Units to be Sold

100 units are planned to be sold in the initial year.

6. Release Date

March 6, 2006
The shipment is scheduled to start in the beginning of April.


A small capacity model of 30kW to 7.5kW and three-phase 200V (input power) series are scheduled to be released within this year.

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