Fuji Electric Design

At Fuji Electric Design, we endeavor to create product designs that help us to achieve better harmony between people, society and the environment. We aim for designs that promote responsible and sustainable societies and further accelerate our brand value.

Our Implicit Pledge

The company emblem represents our pledge of contributing to society utilizing the long-standing trust earned from our customers and the technological prowess that supports our innovative technology. The brand color Fe Blue is an expression of our determination to protect our beautiful natural environment and make societies sustainable.

Beauty in Harmony

Each Fuji Electric product has its own color design that beautifully harmonizes with the environment. Our unique brand fonts, used on all Fuji Electric products, facilitate better legibility and ease of operation.

Cutting Edge Brand, Trusted Brand

Our innovative technology creates high-performing, quality products with beauty in essence with further potential, representing Fuji Electric as a cutting-edge brand through their designs. Their discreet yet assuring support for responsible societies is what makes us a trusted brand.

Bringing Devices Closer to People

Reframing the relationships between machines and people, Fuji Electric offers uniform interfaces with new design modules on various devices, designed to allow users to operate the devices easily, safely and with confidence.

Always Striving for New Challenges

Fuji Electric pursues is continuously striving to achieve advanced design initiatives. This means that our products represent the new Fuji Electric—the manufacturer that embraces the changing times and the changing needs of the markets—with pioneering products backed by our advanced technology.