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Specification Type
Rated speed Encoder Winding insulation class (*1) Oil seal/shaft Brake Rated output
3000r/min 17-bit INC IP67 Without an oil seal,
with a key (*2)
Without a brake 0.05 kW GYS500DC2-T2A
0.1 kW GYS101DC2-T2A
0.2 kW GYS201DC2-T2A
0.4 kW GYS401DC2-T2A
0.75 kW GYS751DC2-T2A
With a brake 0.05 kW GYS500DC2-T2A-B
0.1 kW GYS101DC2-T2A-B
0.2 kW GYS201DC2-T2A-B
0.4 kW GYS401DC2-T2A-B
0.75 kW GYS751DC2-T2A-B
Without an oil seal,
and a key (*2)
Without a brake 0.05 kW GYS500DC2-T2B
0.1 kW GYS101DC2-T2B
0.2 kW GYS201DC2-T2B
0.4 kW GYS401DC2-T2B
0.75 kW GYS751DC2-T2B
With a brake 0.05 kW GYS500DC2-T2B-B
0.1 kW GYS101DC2-T2B-B
0.2 kW GYS201DC2-T2B-B
0.4 kW GYS401DC2-T2B-B
0.75 kW GYS751DC2-T2B-B
2000r/min 17-bit INC IP67 With an oil seal
and a key (*3)
Without a brake 0.5 kW GYG501CC2-T2E
0.75 kW GYG751CC2-T2E
1kW GYG102CC2-T2E
1.5kW GYG152CC2-T2E
2kW GYG202CC2-T2E
With a brake 0.5 kW GYG501CC2-T2E-B
0.75kW GYG751CC2-T2E-B
1kW GYG102CC2-T2E-B
1.5kW GYG152CC2-T2E-B
2kW GYG202CC2-T2E-B
1500r/min 17-bit INC IP67 With an oil seal
and a key (*3)
Without a brake 0.5 kW GYG501BC2-T2E
0.85kW GYG851BC2-T2E
1.3 kW GYG132BC2-T2E
IP65 1.8kW GYG182BC2-T2G
2.9kW GYG292BC2-T2G
IP67 With a brake 0.5kW GYG501BC2-T2E-B
0.85 kW GYG851BC2-T2E-B
1.3 kW GYG132BC2-T2E-B
IP65 1.8kW GYG182BC2-T2G-B
2.9kW GYG292BC2-T2G-B
*1: Excluding the shaft sealing and connectors of the GYS motor, and the shaft sealing of the GYG motor.
*2: Servomotors with an oil seal are made to order.
*3: Servomotors without an oil seal and key are made to order.

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