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Fuji Electric DC High-speed Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Device features

  • Substation maintenance can be greatly streamlined
    With arcless circuit interruption, dramatic reductions in maintenance can be planned, and other maintenance-saving equipment and maintenance cycles can be synchronized.
  • Energy-saving features
    Low loss and low energy operation help to save energy. The dry capacitors used are incombustible and eco-friendly.
  • Large current interruption performance
    The high breaking capacity and faster opening time of the vacuum valve have achieved a 100 kA circuit interruption.
  • Total area interruption performance
    From large to small current, all current can be reliably interrupted. Large load current can also be securely turned on.
  • High operating reliability
    High operating reliability is achieved through redundant configuration of critical components, high noise-resistant design, as well as clarification of periodic replacement parts.

Internal structure of device

Device specifications

Circuit breaker main body

Item Description
Device name DC high speed vacuum circuit breaker
Applicable standards JIS E2501-1 (2010) "Railway applications - Fixed installations - DC switchgear - Part 1: General"
JIS E2501-2 (2010) "Railway applications - Fixed installations - DC switchgear - Part 2: DC circuit-breakers"
Structure Indoor-use (outdoor-use) cubicle type switchgear (JEM1425-CW) (draw-out type, main circuit with shutter)
Protection class IP2X
Circuit breaker body type HX5001X- Mf-DA( : 20, 30, 40) HX10001X- Mf-DA( : 20, 30, 40)
Device type VDC215-P VDC208-P VDC215-T VDC208-T
Rated voltage DC 1500 V DC 750 V DC 1500 V DC 750 V
Maximum arc voltage 4000 V or less 2500 V or less 4000 V or less 2500 V or less
Rated breaking capacity 50 kA (at 3×106 A/s) 100 kA (at 10×106 A/s)
Maximum cut-off current 25 kA or less 36 kA or less
Rated current 2000A/3000A/4000A
Operating duty cycle O - 10 sec - CO
Rated short-time withstand current 1 sec, 75 kA
Current detection method Forward overcurrent detection (built-in reverse current relay function) *
Setting current scale 4 kA to 12 kA, 2 kA to 6 kA, 1 kA to 3 kA
Final selection rate 50% (Configurable to use or exclude)
Closing operation
Electric-spring method, 1.7 A, 2 sec
Contact opening
Electromagnetic repulsion drive system
Commutation method Capacitor commutation method
Arc suppression
Energy absorption method using zinc oxide elements
number of
Mechanical opening
and closing
10,000 times
Short-circuit current
100 times
Main circuit 5500 V AC, 1 min; lightning impulse 20 kV
Control circuit 1500 V AC, 1 min; lightning impulse 4.5 kV
Insulation distance Air gap 30 mm, Creepage distance 50 mm or more
Rated operation and control voltage DC 100 V, DC 110 V
Rated auxiliary power voltage Single-phase 210 V AC
Contact configuration 3a+3b (External use)
Switching capacity 5 A (DC 100 V, DC 110 V)
*: Bi-directional overcurrent detection type can also be manufactured.


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