Our products are outside the scope of the RoHS directive as of present*. However, since they fall under category 9 of Annex IA of the WEEE directive “Monitoring and control instruments,” we have started to provide products conforming to the standard related to six environmentally hazardous substances stipulated in the RoHS directive as an approach to protect the environment.
- Please note that our products will come under the RoHS directive when they are assembled with other products that are under the RoHS directive.

* RoHS directive: Directive to restrict the use of specified toxic substances in the EU

RoHS directive substances and criteria
Lead and its compounds 1,000 ppm or less
Mercury and its compounds 1,000 ppm or less
Cadmium and its compounds 100 ppm or less
Hexavalent chromium and its compounds 1,000 ppm or less
PBB (polybrominated biphenyl) 1,000 ppm or less
PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ether) 1,000 ppm or less

[Reference] It is stipulated that RoHS is applicable to 10 categories specified in Annex IA of the WEEE directive, light bulbs and household lighting equipment. However, although pieces of electrical and electric equipment of 8. 9. are outside the scope at present, they are considered to be added in the directive. It is applied to pieces of electrical and electric equipment used at a rated voltage that does not exceed AC 1000 V and DC 1500 V.

Category of electrical and electric equipment in the scope of the WEEE directive
1 Large household appliances
2 Small household appliances
3 IT and telecommunications equipment
4 Consumer equipment
5 Lighting equipment
6 Electrical and electronic tools
(with the exception of large-scale stationary industrial tools)
7 Toys, leisure and sports equipment
8 Medical devices
(with the exception of all implanted and infected products)
9 Monitoring and control instruments
10 Automatic dispensers

Subject products

Type and price of products conforming to RoHS directive

There is no change to the type and price of products conforming to the RoHS directive.

Orders for products conforming to RoHS directive

Although we will switch to products conforming to the RoHS directive at a logical timing, we will accept orders for products conforming to the RoHS directive if necessary through the order method described below, after we have initiated production of the relevant product.
Please understand that a certain period of time until delivery may be necessary since the product will be treated on order.

Order method: Enter “(ROHS)” at the end of the product model code when ordering.

Example : SC-5-1 AC100V 1a1b (ROHS)
CP31E/5 (ROHS)


1.We do not currently plan to change specifications of products (functions of product to comply with the RoHS directive. We will notify you) when there is any change of specification (function of the product).

2.Although the color of parts may change with certain products to meet with the RoHS directive, we have confirmed through our quality evaluation tests that there is no problem with the performance.

3.Please note that because of the difference in timing, there is a possibility that products that conform to the RoHS directive may be mixed in with products that do not conform, even with the same model, during the period when we are switching to conform to the RoHS directive. This applies to combined products such as magnetic starters (products combined with a magnetic contactor and thermal relay).

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