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Further Enhancing Energy Savings
Further Enhancing Energy SavingsFurther Enhancing Energy Savings

Inverters with high energy-saving performance to optimize your use of electricity.
Helping to make our daily activities more efficient and environmentally-friendly.

Inverters are facing an increasing demand to provide advanced energy savings in all types of facilities such as factory production lines and office building air conditioning systems, which occupy approximately 50% of a building's power consumption. Fuji Electric is applying our advanced technology and know-how to meet these current demands. For example, the FRENIC-HVAC Series is an innovative lineup of inverters designed for air conditioning applications and optimal control of ener-gy-saving operations. Furthermore, we have utilized our new Silicon Carbide-based power semiconductors to develop a rich portfolio of products, including our general-purpose inverters which achieve a 20% reduction in power loss (compared with our previous products). In order to support both commercial and consumer needs, Fuji Electric is working to innovate energy technology and develop a superior class of energy-saving products.

"FRENIC-HVAC" inverters for the global market

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Protecting the Supply-and-Demand Balance of Electricity
Protecting the Supply-and-Demand Balance of ElectricityProtecting the Supply-and-Demand Balance of Electricity

A small, lightweight molded transformer and advanced degradation diagnostic technology to support a stable power supply.

A transformer is a piece of equipment that takes the power sent from a power station and reduces it to a voltage appropriate for use in buildings and homes. Fuji Electric's molded transformer "MOLTRA" achieves a small size and light weight by making use of aluminum (a metal with a mass of half that of copper) in the winding conductors, while also adopting a sheet winding with a high space factor. The unit can be safely installed even in the upper level floors of buildings and addition, Fuji Electric has also developed degradation diagnostic technology capable of performing non-destructive measurement of thermal degradation in very important resin based insulation material. The technology works by suggesting appropriate replacement periods for the insulation in order to prevent sudden function stoppages caused by age-related degradation. Fuji Electric is committed to mastering the most advanced technologies so that it can make the most efficient use of electric power, while protecting the daily activities of individuals around the world.

Molded transformer "MOLTRA"* "MOLTRA" is a registered trademark of Fuji Electric.

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No Power Interruptions or Energy Loss
No Power Interruptions or Energy LossNo Power Interruptions or Energy Loss

Our unique circuit technology minimizes the power consumption of the UPS system.
These power supplies are supporting social and industrial infrastructures around the world.

The technological advancement of social and industrial infrastructure, such as data centers and factory production lines, has created the need for a continuous, uninterruptible supply of electric power. Various types of equipment are used to continuously monitor electricity, and it is the responsibility of an uninterruptible ing a reliable supply of energy 24 hours a day all year long while also minimizing their own consumption of power. In light of this, Fuji Electric worked to quickly develop a practical circuit (new 3-level circuit) for implementing a smooth power exchange as an IGBT module. UPSs that mount this circuit achieve a reduction in power consumption of 40% compared with that of our previous products, as well as a maximum unit efficiency of 97%. It also helps to reduce the power consumption of auxiliary equipment such as air conditioners, and contributes greatly to energy savings throughout the year. Fuji Electric is determined to continue innovating energy technology to support everyday needs both at business and at home.

"7000HX-T4" UPS for the global market

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Utilizing the Heat of the Earth
Utilizing the Heat of the EarthUtilizing the Heat of the Earth

Efficient conversion of the earth’s thermal energy into electricity.
Playing a fundamental role in satisfying the global demand for electric power with eco-friendly technology.

Geothermal power generation does not use fossil fuels, thus emitting almost no CO2, NOx or SOx. The electric power from it has attracted attention as a renewable clean source of energy that offers a stable supply of power unaffected by climate or the time of day. With over a half century of experience, a proven track record and an abundance of expertise accumulated over the years, Fuji Electric constructed a geothermal power plant with the world’s largest single unit capacity and has developed this complete solution using the world’s most advanced technology. Fuji Electric has accounted for approximately 40%* of the global market share since 2005. As a global leader in the geothermal power generation, Fuji Electric strives to develop innovative energy technologies to realize a sustainable society by effectively utilizing the earth’s resources.
*From delivery results for 2005 to 2015

For Geothermal Power Plants

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Making the Most of the Sunlight
Making the Most of the SunlightMaking the Most of the Sunlight

unlight can be converted to AC power with increasing conversion efficiency.
Advanced power conditioning systems supports our social infrastructure.

A power conditioning sub-system (PCS) is a critical component in a photovoltaic power system, converting DC power generated from photovoltaic panels into AC, and then sending the AC to high-voltage transmission networks. Fuji Electric's latest PCS, the "PVI 1000," is capable of single-unit power conversion of 1 MW, frequency adjustment and stabilization, and it is ideal for large-scale mega solar power generation facilities. By utilizing an advanced neutral-point clamping (NPC) with our patented reverse blocking IGBTs (RB-IGBTs), the unit has significantly reduced conversion power loss and has achieved the world's highest level of conversion efficiency at 98.5%. Furthermore, it can also greatly reduce power consumption because it is an outdoor installation type that does not require an air conditioner. Fuji Electric will continue to innovate energy technology to support social infrastructure.

Advanced NPC 3-level module

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Committed to Meeting the Needs of Bustling Communities
Committed to Meeting the Needs of Bustling CommunitiesCommitted to Meeting the Needs of Bustling Communities

Temperature management can be implemented for a variety of products by adopting the air-conditioning and refrigeration technology cultivated in Japan. This technology improves quality of life and provides convenience, while supporting the everyday activities of people.

Strong consumer demand has prompted purchases of products even outside of the business hours of stores. Fuji Electric has developed "Twistar" as a new type of vending machine capable of meeting this demand. Four different types of shelves can be used and replaced depending on the size and shape of products. Opera can switch between room temperature, cold, and cool temperature zones, while the unit supports the sale of up to 42 different types of products* including beverages, food and other goods. A single "Twistar" unit can be used to provide a rich lineup of products, thereby conserving space and energy. Getting what you want, when you want it.
Fuji Electric is committed to innovating energy technology to provide people with products that support a prosperous lifestyle.
*When all products are canned beverages

"Twistar" food-and-goods vending machine for the global market

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