New control functions

New notch filter (auto notch filter)

The notch filter is set automatically upon detection of mechanical resonance.
Because detection and calculation are always conducted while the auto notch filter remains turned on, resonance frequencies changing by time are effectively filtered.

Homing by hit-to-stop

Wire saving can be achieved with elimination of the limit switch and over travel signal.
Moreover, several homing functions allows homing program creation to be simplified
only by combining the servo parameters. Creating complicated program of homing in the host controller is no more necessary.

Motor stop method setting is enabled

  • Alarm occurrence
  • Main power supply is OFF.
  • Servo ON signal is OFF.

Selection among rapid deceleration stop, DB stop, and coast-to-stop is enabled under the above conditions.
Since limiting output torque at desired value is possible even if rapid deceleration stops is selected, impact shock to the machine can be reduced.
* However, it is enabled when the control power supply is input.

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