Rectifier Diodes

Fuji Electric's rectifier diodes have features such as low VF and low IR, and are compatible with PFC circuits of power supplies and secondary-side rectification circuits.
Rectifier Diodes

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Fuji Electric's rectifier diodes are used in a wide variety of fields, including consumer and industrial equipment applications and vehicle-mounted applications.

SBD (Schottky Barrier Diode)

High temperature operation is possible via a Tj=175°C guarantee, and we have a lineup that includes the "Low IR Schottky Series" capable of reducing the risk of thermal runaway.

LLD (Low Loss Diode)

These diodes are characterized by their low noise as a result of soft recovery and low loss via low VF characteristics.

  • Super LLD2 Series (For Criticality Mode PFC)
  • Super LLD3 Series (For Continuous Mode PFC)

These products contribute to the improvement of power supply efficiency.