IGBT Modules   High-speed Type

IGBT Modules   High-speed Type

A high-speed IGBT module is a product suitable for applications with switching frequencies between 20k and 50kHz such as power supplies for medical equipment, welding machines, and induction heating.
We have a product line-up that includes a boost chopper module and a half-bridge module.

High Speed IGBT Modules   1200V Class

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Package Ic 1200V
High Speed IGBT

200A 1MBI200HH-120L-50
300A 1MBI300HH-120L-50
400A 1MBI400HH-120L-50

100A 2MBI100HB-120-50

150A 2MBI150HH-120-50
200A 2MBI200HH-120-50

100A 2MBI100HJ-120-50
150A 2MBI150HJ-120-50
200A 2MBI200HJ-120-50
300A 2MBI300HJ-120-50

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