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EV, HEV用IGBT损耗模拟软件

Using (downloading) the software

This Version 6 simulation system for EV and HEV is a software application for calculating generated loss and temperature increase in IGBT modules used in 3-phase PWM inverter circuits and chopper circuits. (It may be necessary to download the .NET Framework.)
Please use with Windows 7 or later.

Features of the Fuji IGBT Simulator

  1. 1. Improved the accuracy of the loss calculation
  2. 2. Calculation for 2-level circuits and chopper circuits
  3. 3. Support several kinds of PWM control method.
  4. 4. Calculation by specifying temperature conditions
  5. 5. Parameter sweep calculation
  6. 6. Load cycle calculation (Cyclic mode / one-shot mode)
  7. 7. Enables the configuration of the number of cycle data samplings
  8. 8. Output calculation result to text file.
  9. 9. Support English / Chinese / Japanese

・For details of the changes, please refer to "ChangeLog.txt" included.

Fuji IGBT Simulator Document No. Date
Software (Ver.6.2.9) - Jun. 2020
User Manual (Ver.2) MT5F36567 Feb. 2019
Cycle mode calculation manual of large capacity data (Fuji IGBT Simulator for Automotive) MT5F37847 Jun.2018