AT-NPC 3-level Circuit

AT-NPC 3-level conversion circuit using RB-IGBT

■ Comparison of AT-NPC 3-level and conventional methods
Compared with conventional 2-level and 3-level products, by adopting our own in-company developed RB-IGBT*, we have achieved conductive loss reduction and reactor loss reduction in an AT-NPC 3-level (T-type) conversion circuit. In addition, together with the AT-NPC 3-level circuit, we have also achieved low noise by optimizing the number of output voltage steps. *RB-IGBT: A reverse blocking IGBT (RB-IGBT) is a low-loss, bi-directional switch (device) that features reverse voltage performance that cannot be provided by conventional IGBTs.

AT-NPC 3-level circuit

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