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Computer Level Communication Module

Web Module: NP1L-WE1


Through the Internet and intranet, this module realizes equipment supervision by Web browser, e-mail sending at failure occurrence, and remote control and remote maintenance (monitoring/program modification) with the programming support tool.

  • NP1L-WE1

Web Memory Module: NP1L-WS1


  • The Ethernet communication module is equipped with a Web communication function and memory data collection function for the CPU module.
    A long-life, highly reliable system can be constructed, compared with a personal computer OS and hard disk, etc.
  • It can collect up to 400 Mbyte of memory data.
  • Memory data collection and Ethernet communication with the host device can be achieved without creating any user programs.
  • The data collected by this module can be saved into and restored from an SD card (type: NP8PSD-002, sold separately).
  • NP1L-WS1

Ethernet Interface Module: NP1L-ET1


Supports the 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX interface.
Supports three different communication modes.

  • General purpose communication mode
    (TCP/IP or UDP/IP protocol communication)
  • Fixed buffer communication mode
    (Handshake communication between PC and specific node)
  • Loader command communication mode
    (MICREX-SX loader command function)
  • NP1L-ET1