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Pressure transmitter category Highly precise differential and other pressure, fluid flow, and liquid level measurements with FUJI's electronic transmitters.

Over 1,000,000 FCX Series electronic transmitters have already been delivered worldwide.The Micro-capacitance silicon sensor that we produced with our micro-machining technology is the key component of FCX-AIIItransmitters, ensuring highly precise measurements of pressure, differential pressure,fluid flow,and liquid levels. A widerange of models,including compact and low-cost types,are available.

Catalogue FCX-AIIISeries(21A1-E-0020a)

Transmitters family
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Abundant options corresponding to various applications
In addition to standard 316L SS,exotic materials such as Hastelloy C-276,Monel,Tantalum,Zirconium and Titanium are available for seal diaphragm. Hydroseal type transmitter which employs double coating of Gold and Ceramics on 316L SS seal diaphragm is optimum for the measurement of liquid and gas including high concentration of Hydrogen. High temperature and high vacuum type remote seal transmitter is also provided.


FCX Series transmitter support tool contains the software to execute the configurations of FCX-A, FCX-C and FCX-AII series transmitter. If you install this software to the personal computer connected to HART Interface that support HART communication with HART device and then connect pins of HART Interface to FCX-A, FCX-C or FCX-AII series transmitter powered by the power supply, you will be able to confirm the following configurations and change Damping constant, Measuring range and Calibration
- Tag No.
- Model No.
- Serial No.
- Engineering unit
- Measuring range
- Damping constant
- Data (PV value)
- Current
Please click the subject item to execute the download.
Please read the Readme file before the use of FCX Series transmitter support tool.
Ver.2.01 NEW!
FCX Series transmitter support tool Ver.2.01 [English] (2139KB)

About FCX Series transmitter support tool Ver.2.01 [English] (5KB)

Ver.1.01 FCX Series transmitter support tool Ver.1.01 [English] (1500KB)

FCX Series transmitter support tool Ver.1.01 [French] (1507KB)

About FCX Series transmitter support tool Ver.1.01 [English] (4KB)

[HART Interface]
VIATOR RS232 HART Interface for desk top computer and VIATOR PCMCIA HART Interface for note book computer are confirmed to operate with FCX series transmitter support tool. These VIATOR Iterfaces are released by MACTek. Please refer to the web page http://www.mactekcorp.com for further details.

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