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Category Non-intrusive flow measurement from the outside of piping

Our ultrasonic flowmeters can be easily mounted even on previously existed piping and measure flow rate without contact to liquid directly. The series employ unique measurement systems that minimize the elect of bubbles in the fluid and feature wide measurement ranges. Duosonics is a new concept ultrasonic flowmeter utilizing pulse Doppler method and transit time method as the worldwide first. Both portable and fixed mount types are available.

Ultrasonic Flowmeters (21A1-E-0008b)
Portable type Ultrasonic Flowmeter (21A1-E-0009b)
TIME DELTA-C (21A1-E-0016b)
TIME DELTA-C <Advanced type> (21A1-E-0024)
M-Flow PW (21A1-E-0018)
Duosonics (21A1-E-0067)
Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Air (21A1-E-0019)

Type Item Software Manual
Portable type ultrasonic flowmeter(FSC)    Software Update FSC_V202.lzh(373KB) TN5A0784b-E.pdf(280KB)
PC loader Software  FSC_setup_eng.zip(1.51MB) TN5A1784a-E.pdf(1497KB)
How to install  - FSC_PCsoft-E.pdf(22KB)
Portable type ultrasonic flowmeter(FLC) Communication software Portaflow_V4_e.lzh(4154KB) TN512661c-E.pdf(340KB)
TIME DELTA-C(FSV-1) PC loader Software  FSV_loader_soft.
TIME DELTA-C(FSV-2) PC loader Software  Ultrasonic Flowmeter2_eng.zip(3842KB) TN5A1564p38-E.pdf(933KB)
FSV-2(Advanced type) PC loader Software  Ultrasonic Flowmeter3_eng.zip(3965KB) TN5A1951p45-E.pdf(1750KB)
M-Flow PW(FLR-3) PC loader Software  Ultrasonic Flowmeter2_eng.zip(3842KB) TN5A1563p38-E.pdf(1140KB)
 - Calculation sensor spacing Calc_eng.lzh(37KB) TN1FSVG-TOOLb_E.pdf(181KB)
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