Digital Temperature Controller <PXR4 Socket Type>

Digital Temperature Controller PXR4 Socket Type

DIN rail mountable, 48 x 48 mm size

  • DIN rail mountable
  • Easy wiring through separate socket
  • You can replace controllers without unplugging wires
  • Key operation and performance are same as PXR series
  • Panel mountable
    Front waterproof structure (IP66)
  • White or black case

Socket type is added to PXR series

DIN rail mounting
DIN rail mounting

Easy maintenance

Easy wiring through separate socket
Easy wiring through separate socket


Power supply voltage 100–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption ≤ 10 VA (at 220 V)
Input Thermocouples, RTD, 1–5 V DC, or 4–20 mA DC
Indication accuracy (±0.5% of measurement range) ±1 digit
Sampling rate 0.5 s
SV/PV correction Included
Control PID auto tuning, self-tuning, and fuzzy control
Control output Relay contact, SSR/SSC drive, or 4–20 mA DC
Alarm output (option) Relay contact, 1 or 2 points
Alarm type (option) absolute value, deviation value, zone, high, low, hold, alarm latch, excitation/non-excitation
Ramp soak (option) Up to 8 segments for each
Up to 2 program patterns
Burnout Available for thermocouple input or RTD input. Control output jumps to upper or lower limit if burnout occurs.
Display 7-segment 4-digit LED
Process value and set value
Key lock
Front structure IP66, NEMA-4X equivalent (when mounted on panel)
Dimensions and weight 48 (W) × 48 (H) × 93.7 (D) mm, approx. 200 g
Mounting DIN rail mount or panel mount
Socket (as specified by order) for DIN rail mount or for panel mount
Socket terminal screw M3.5
Ambient temperature -10°C to +50℃

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