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Module Type Temperature Controller <PUM series>

Temperature controller and PLC are incorporated into single controller

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Parameter loader software facilitates the parameter setting and the control status check.


PUMs are upgraded in August 2012. The following functions are made available.

  • Ramp soak
  • Motorized valve control
  • Extended input
  • Extended output
  • Cascade control without external wiring
  • Fast control within 100 ms
  • More functions for the parameter loader

For the details, refer to the leaflet (EPR05.pdf).

For loader software compatibility between the old and the new version, refer to the upgrade notification.

Sample programs run on Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (SP6).



Application examples

Temperature Controllers

Digital Temperature Controller <PXF Series>

Digital Temperature Controller PXF Series

Versatile controller with bright and clear color LCD
Socket type available

Digital Temperature Controller <PXR3>

Digital Temperature Controller PXR Series

*PXR4, PXR5, PXR7, and PXR9 were discontinued and replaced by PXF series. Only PXR3 is available.

Versatile model with easy-to-see LED, transfer output, communication function, and more.

Digital Controller <PXH>

Digital Controller PXH

· Various inputs and outputs
· Highly precise and fast control
· 96 x 96 mm size

Module Type Temperature Controller <PUM Series>

Module Type Temperature Controller PUM Series

Rail-mount, multi-loop temperature controller comprised of control module, I/O module, and communication module

Digital Thermostat <PXR3>

Digital Thermostat PXR3

Detects overheat of thermocouples or thermistors used in various machines or equipment.