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Product Information

Products provided by Fuji Electric FA Components & Systems are introduced according to each category.

LV Distribution

With the acceleration of globalization in the power-receiving and distribution equipment market, we offer various power-receiving and distributing devices that can be used in cross-border markets through our wide range of products that conform to major standards in the world.

Motor Control

Through a merger of Fuji Electric FA Components & Systems that has the highest market share in Japan in the field of electric motor control device and Schneider Electric that has the highest market share in the world, we are now able to offer superior value to our customers as the genuine world’s No. 1 manufacturer.


We will satisfy our customers’ demands through our wide variety of controlling and indication devices and global standard sensors added, and providing comprehensive solutions such as relays and time delay relays.

MV Distribution

We satisfy the needs of our customers with highly reliable products and various types of medium-voltage apparatus that support recent sophisticated power-receiving and distributing systems including our medium-voltage vacuum circuit breaker that secures safety of electric equipment.

Energy Control Equipment

We help our customers to “visualize electric power” by means of a wide range of products and our reliable engineering capabilities. We make energy-saving proposals according to our customers’ energy environment in areas ranging from quality assurance and protection of high-voltage electric power to management of low-voltage consumption rate.

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