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Offering a Total Solution for Ideal Cleanroom


Creating optimum air environment with customers.
For Cleanroom technology, Fuji Electric started development of Cleanroom equipment at the beginning of the 1970s and constructed our own semiconductor plant Cleanroom in the 1980s. Since then, we have accumulated extensive know-how for cleanness through improvement of the production environment jointly promoted with customers operating large-sized Cleanrooms. To solve various problems, we have developed high-performance products based on our wide range of element technologies as an electric equipment manufacturer and materialized various solutions.

Fan Filter Unit

Solution examples FPD & Semiconductor

Large Air Volume Fan Filter Unit

Even in a space with a high ceiling more than 10 m, such as a stocker area, high speed flow of 0.8 m/s secures the wind speed required for path lines.

Substrate Quick Cooling Unit

Substrates after being baked can be cooled quickly by applying cold air to the glass efficiently by using the special nozzle.

Fan Filter Unit for Equipment

Entire height of the equipment can be minimized by applying design suitable for the equipment structure.

Heat-Resisting Fan Filter Unit

The unit can be installed in a small space with increasing temperature by employing the small-sized heat-resisting motor.
Flexibility of installation positions will be expanded.


Feature 1 : Industry highest energy-saving motor
The brushless DC motor having superior efficiency in comparison with the induction motor is adopted as standard. Industry highest energy saving performance has been materialized.

Feature 2 : Airfoil high efficiency fan
The waterwheel designing know-how of the hydro power generation engineering, our traditional business field, is applied to fan designing. By adopting the airfoil section in the fan shape, the efficiency has been improved.

Feature 3 : Adjustable airflow to the optimum
By using our core technology, power electronics technology, highly accurate speed control becomes possible. You can set the optimum airflow for your use environment. The large airflow type of the industry highest class is also included in our lineups.

Feature 4 : Surprising quietness
The lowest level of noise in the class has been materialized by implementing the inlet of the fan making smooth flow and the rectifier structure in the unit. The system does not affect to the surrounding environment with the design considering prevention of vibration.

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