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Surge Suppression Unit


  • The cable between the inverter and the motor comes in two lengths: 50m and 100m.
  • The surge voltage can be suppressed to 1kV or lower by connecting the surge suppression unit on the motor.
  • Applicable motor capacity: 0.2kW to 75kW
  • Since no additional work is required, it can be easily mounted on the existing equipment.

Basic Specifications

Item Specifications
Type 50m: SSU 50TA-NS
100m: SSU 100TA-NS
Applicable cable length to motor SSU 50TA-NS: up to 50m
SSU 100TA-NS: up to 100m
Applicable inverter Power supply voltage Three-phase or single phase 200V series: 200 to 240 V AC
Three-phase 400V series: 380 to 480 V AC
Voltage variations: -15 to + 10%
Inverter capacity Three-phase or single-phase 200V series: 75kW or less
Three-phase 400V series: 75kW or less
* Consult us for application to the inverter with a capacity of 90kW or over.
Output frequency 0.1 to 400Hz
Carrier frequency 15kHz or less
Enclosure IP20
Installation location Indoor use only.
Shall be free from dusts, direct sunlight, corrosive gasses, flammable gases, oil mist, vapor or water droplet.
The atmosphere can contain a small amount of salt. (0.01mg/cm2 or less per year)
The unit must not be subjected to sudden changes in temperature that will cause dew condensation to form.
Ambient temperature -20 to 40°C
Ambient humidity 85%RH or less (no dew condensation)
Altitude 1000m max.
Vibration 0.7G or less
Storage ambient temperature -30 to 60°C
Storage ambient humidity 85%RH or less (no dew condensation)
Supported compliance Compliant with RoHS Directives
External dimensions/mass SSU 50TA-NS: (W)148x(H)254x(D)238mm, 4.0kg
SSU 100TA-NS: (W)198x(H)380x(D)284mm, 6.5kg

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