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working towards better harmony between people,
society and the environment

Fuji Electric Innovating Energy Technology




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Fuji Electric
 design is reborn

At Fuji Electric,
our products will undergo a total design overhaul,
aiming to achieve better harmony between people,
society and the environment.
The new design promotes responsible
and sustainable societies,
and further accelerates our brand value.

Company emblem
 expresses our vision

We have adopted Fe Blue, which uniquely represents Fuji Electric,
as the base color of our company emblem.
It expresses the long-standing trust we have earned from our customers,
and our technological prowess—invaluable resources
for developing the innovative technology and products through
which Fuji Electric contributes to sustainable societies.

The colors of Fuji Electric

New Fuji Electric products will use
the achromatic colors of silver and black,
accentuated with Fe Blue to assert
the Fuji Electric identity.

Functional typefaces with elegance

To create a consistent design
expression across Fuji Electric's diverse offerings,
our unique Brand Font will be used for all products.
We have also developed an original
Technical Font to be used throughout our range,
which enables users to intuitively
understand and operate our products.


Commitment to customers

We have revamped our packaging
design—an important element
that ensures our products reach customers
in the best condition.
Every detail embodies Fuji Electric's
commitment to our customers,
including the act of delivering the product itself.