FUJI ELECTRIC JOURNAL Vol.64-No.9 (Sep/1991)

FUJI ELECTRIC JOURNAL Vol.64-No.9 (Sep/1991) Instrumentation and Control Technology
Trends of Instrumentation and Control Technology
Minoru Takeuchi, Shigeo Kuroiwa, Takeshi Yasuhara
This paper describes the technical and market trends of instrumentation and control systems and Fuji Electric's present status and prospects. As for field instruments, described are various sensor and field instrumentation technologies, such as new-generation electronic transmitter FCX series, fiber optic field instrumentation system FFI expansion, and advanced flowmeters. As for control technology, outlined are total automation, distributed control system MICREX expansion to push EIC-integration and CIM, small-and medium-scale mini EIC system MICREX-MS, and advanced control and AI applications.
Expansion of FCX Series Transmitters and Fiber-optic Field Instrumentation Systems
Tadanori Yuhara, Yoshimi Watanabe
Fuji Electric's field instrumentation systems are roughly classified into electronic systems consisting of FCX series transmitters as a hub and optical systems consisting of fiber-optic field instrumentation systems(FFI)as a hub.
This paper introduces new products added to both systems. Differential-pressure/pressure/level transmitters for high-temperature and high-vacuum service were added to FCX series, and an optical version of FCX series transmitters and electric valve actuators were added to FFI systems.
New Ceramic, SMART Electromagnetic Flowmeters
Keiichiro Tago, Etsuro Ito
On the basis of the latest technology of fine ceramics and microcomputer applications, Fuji Electric has developed new electromagnetic flowmeters that incorporate a detector unified by the ceramic measuring tube and platinum electrode and have many advanced functions such as integration and multiple range as a standard.
It is the outstanding merit of the flowmeter that SMART specification which was completed for FCX series transmitters is provided so that general specification can be upgraded to SMART specification easily by mounting a communication module at user's field.
New-Generation Hybrid Recorders
Yasuo Irumano, Kazuyuki Kisa
Fuji Electric has developed new-generation industrial hybrid recorder PH series utilizing ink-jet technology.
Our own ink-jet head realized the following features:
(1) High-quality records (the first 6-color continuous recording in this field, 6-color digital printing, obvious records with scale marks and tag Nos. Printed)
(2) The smallest and lightest in this class (199 mm deep, weight: PHC, 2.8 kg; PHA,6 kg)
(3) Simple operation (in a conversation mode with a large CRT that makes a manual unnecessary).
New Infrared Gas Analyzers
Masayoshi Nakano,, Yoshihiro Utsuki, Kohzo Akao
Newly developed nondispersive infrared gas analyzers (ZRF and ZRG) can measure 3 components including O2 at the most with an exclusive ziroconium oxygen sensor. The built-in micro-processor has realized multifunction and improved controllability and maintainability, and made possible auto-calibration and O2 correction particularly required for analyzer-system use. Making system building simpler and more economical than before, they can be applied to air pollution measurement and other various fields. Both types, compact 19-inch ZRF and low-concentration-use ZRG, passed type approval tests based on Weights and Measures Act.
Intelligent Bata Ray Thickness Gauge
Yasuhiko Higashi
The beta ray thickness gauge has been a process line sensor recently rather a quality control instrument formerly and requires energy and labor saving as well as quality. The intelligent instrument was developed to meet these requirements at a low cost. This paper introduces the outline, construction, and features of its detector, thickness operation circuit, and graphic display. The graphic display has 18 imaged as a standard and can select an optimum image to match with various process lines.
Expansion of MICREX for EIC-Integrated Control Systems
Masakazu Ikoma
The EIC integration means to realize a system that integrates the three fields of electric control (E), instrumentation (I), and computer (C), that were individually controlled previously.
Fuji Electric has developed two control systems:
"EIC-integrated control system MICREX" for large-scale plants and "Mini EIC-integrated control system MICREX-MS" for small-scale plants. This paper introduces the approach of these systems to EIC integration.
Advanced Control Technologies and Software Packages
Ken'ichi Kurotani, Masamoto Takano, Masamitsu Itoh
Advanced control has come into wide use today; however, active study in this field is still continued with the result that new theories and control systems are being produced. It is expected that these will realize control performances not achieved till now or act as tools to push automation to domains which were not regarded as objects of application before.
This paper introduces recently developed control technologies and supporting software packages.
Instrumentation and Control Systems for Thermal Power Plants
Yoshinori Inoue, Shigemi Wakasugi, Shuji Ozawa
Recent thermal power plants required middle load operation capable of frequent daily start/stop and rapid load-changing. Instrumentation and control systems have become large and complicated with expanding automation extent and improving load-changing characteristics to meet above operation, which makes integrated digital systems indispensable.
This paper introduces instrumentation and control systems in this field, that is, boiler control as a hub, automatic power plant control, automatic burner control, boiler and turbine auxiliary control systems, and operation and maintenance support systems.
Total Control System of Energy
Kazutoshi Tashiro, Hiroaki Soeda, Tatsuro Tamura
The steel industry is energy consumption industry. The generation and consumption of energy in steel works has close and complicated connection with production activity. It is an important subject for the steel industry to make the optimal allocation of energy to reduce energy cost.
This paper introduces the system of Energy Center in Yawata Steel Works, Nippon Steel Corp. that realized remarkable rationalization through the optimal energy employment and automated remote supervisory control system. It also refers to the expert system applied to the system.
EIC-Integrated System for Cement Plants
Kazuo Umemoto
Many distributed control systems MICREX have been adopted as EIC-integrated systems in cement plants.This paper gives an outline of the EIC-integrated system with MICREX as its hub, and describes the tendency of the system focusing on the computer system.
Tank Yard Control System for Showa Yokkaichi Sekiyu K.K.
Yoshimi Ogawa, Takamichi Toda
Many refineries have been promoting integration and automation recently. Integration requires the linkage of various systems and equipment, and success in integration depends on how to achieve effective linkage.
This paper describes the introduction, features, functions, and configuration of the system for Showa Yokkaich Sekiyu K.K. where the computer and telecontrol equipment, distributed con-trol systems (DCS), and IBM's DCS have been linked with success.
Recent Petroleum Shipping Control Systems
Koji Shimada, Masaharu Goto
The petroleum shipping control system loads a fixed quantity of petroleum products such as kerosene and gasoline into tank trucks at a tank yard and collects control data.This paper introduces a system that consists of a shipping control computer with hatch processing, shipping controllers for fixed-quantity shipping at loading ports, and a hatch control system. The functions of the component equipment and hardware configuration are described. The system has been in operation successfully at Ichikawa and Saitozaki Tank Yards of Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K.
Application of Small and Medium DCS to Chemical Plants
Toshiaki Suganuma, Minoru Yoshino
In the chemical industry, instrumentation and operation control systems have been improving rapidly in recent years aiming to rationalize diversified small-quantity production. Small and medium chemical plants have been forced to engage in the production of multikind and small-quantity goods or special specification goods following the change of demands. To meet the situation, the batch process requires high-level technical development, and small and medium systems to be associated become more and more important.
This paper describes small-and medium-scale distributed control system MICREX-MS for chemical plants.
Instrumentation Systems for Milk Plants
Takashi Mikuriya, Hideyuki Kondo
The dairy industry has been pushing the rationalization and automatization of plants in recent years against future liberalization of trade in livestock products.Fuji Electric, on the basis of its long experience, has supplied a large-scale dairy instrumentation system to a certain company. This paper describes general instrumentation systems for milk plants.

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