Inverters, Servo Systems and Uninterruptible Power Systems

Technical Trends and Prospects for Inverters, Servo Systems and Uninterruptible Power Systems
Shigefumi Kurita, Takami Kagotani, Hironori Matsugae
In the field of factory automation, general-purpose inverters and servo systems widely been used have reduced equipment size and labor and increased speed and precision. On the ohter hand, with the expansion of information technology, uninterruptible power systems to protect computer systems from power failure have rapidly come into wide use, contributing to the stable operation of computers. This paper describes their technical trends and Fuji Electric s developments as well as the selection of an optimum type from among the adequate lines of products prepared by the company.

Vertical Transfer Drive Inverter "FRENIC5000G11UD" and its Applications
Tetsuya Nomura, Hiroyuki Yonezawa
The market requires high performance and easy handling of vertical transfer drive inverters. The FRENIC5000G11UD developed by Fuji Electric is equipped with superior features such as high-perfor-mance operation by vector control with a full-scale speed sensor, smooth operation by the digital automatic voltage regulator, maneuverability improved by the elevator-specific function and adequate interfaces, and setting up simplified by the touch panel with a data copying function. This paper gives an outline of the inverter and an application example, including the characteristics.

Applications of the User Programmable Application Card for High-Performance Vector-Control Inverter "FRENIC5000VG7S"
Naoki Kanazawa, Toshihisa Toyota, Takeshi Yamamoto
The vector-control inverter FRENIC5000VG7S on the market has been greatly advanced in performance, functions, and interfaces. Particularly the optional application card with a user programmable function (UPAC), one of the new functions, has been favorably received by the market. The UPAC has made it possible to further widen the field of FRENIC5000VG7S application. This paper describes the examples of UPAC application to electric bicycle testers, checkup machines, and conveyors.

Application of "FRENIC5000VG7S/MG5" to Conveyance Machines
Hiroshi Tsujihara, Hiroaki Hayashi, Masataka Ooji
With the development of power device and control technologies, the inverter has recently been rated as a small, high-precision, quick-response, multifunctional, variable-speed drive system, and makes it possible to realize labor-saving, automated, and high-speed conveyance machines. This paper describes examples of inverter application to conveyance machines : FRENIC5000VG7S to a crane and a parking garage and FRENIC5000MG5 to an automated storage system.

Synchronous Motor Drive "FESPAC Series" and its Applications
Nobuo Itoigawa, Naofumi Nomura, Hideo Hirose
Motor drive consumes about 70% of electric energy used in the industrial fields. Therefore, it is important to raise the efficiency of motor drive. The permanent-magnet synchronous motor is a type that can meet the need. Having no boundary magnetic loss, this motor has higher efficiency, smaller size and weight than standard induction motors. This paper describes the locating-sensor-less drive system of a synchronous motor using V/f control that characterizes the FESPAC series (reduced-torque specification) exclusively used for synchronous motor drive, including its applications.

Application of Induction Heating Inverters
Tetsuo Matsunaga, Masaru Nakai
As food processing facilities have adopted the method of the hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) aiming at environmental improvement and sanitary control, induction heating (IH) has come into use as heat supply for large quantity cooking. In addition, IH has been used not only to replace conventional gas heating, but more applied to uses in which IH has a peculiar effect or only IH can succeed, and promising new effects are expected in the future. This paper describes the rice cooker which has recently been marketed with a higher IH effect than expected and the steam generator in which an effect peculiar to IH is expected.

Examples of Servo Systems Applied to a Wire Processing Machine
Takashi Shiga, Toshiaki Sakai, Kayo Ito
Servo systems combined with the upper-rank controller contribute to the improvement of the machine performance and the expansion of the system; therefore, many servo systems are used in various industrial machines. This paper describes the features of a wire processing machine that utilizes servo systems and examples of servo system application to its mechanisms.

Control Technologies with Servo System "FALDIC-alpha Series"
Takashi Aihara, Makoto Ichikawa, Takayuki Kaneko
Fuji Electric s servo system FALDIC-alpha Series has various features including small size and quick response. This paper describes the following control technologies using this servo system: a technology for reducing machine vibration, full-closed control, and high-speed serial control. Especially, the technology for reducing machine vibration is our original technology taking the work position and the arm stiffness into consideration to suppress the vibration of a work held by the robot arm. This technology has achieved good results in various applications.

Application of High-Performance Vector-Control Inverter "FRENIC5000VG7S" to Special Motors
Yoshikazu Ichinaka, Hiroshi Tetsutani, Tatsuya Yamada
The high-performance vector-control inverter FRENIC5000VG7S has made it possible to select any of vector control, sensor-less vector control, and V/f control according to the operating condition when driving induction motors, and perform vector control and V/f control (exclusive-use) when driving synchronous motors. Also the improvement of control performance has raised the allowable maximum driving speed. This paper describes application technology for combining the FRENIC5000VG7S with special motors such as a high-speed motor, a multiplex lap winding motor, and a synchronous motor.

CE-Marked Uninterruptible Power Systems for Overseas
Masanobu Fujikura, Jun Hirose
Fuji Electric has developed the uninterruptible power system (UPS) UPS7000 Series for the overseas UPS market where increase in demand is expected. This medium capacity UPS realizes small size and light weight using an uninsulated, new conversion system as well as meets the safety and compatibility with the electromagnetic environment specified by the European EN standard, which gives the ground of self-declared CE marking. This paper describes the features, specifications, configuration, constituent technologies, and test results of the UPS7000 series.

New Mini-UPS "NetpowerProtect Series"
Hiroyuki Matsuo, Keijiro Omichi, Mariko Yamamoto
Demand for small uninterruptible power supply has rapidly increased as the server came into wide use. Recently, this kind of UPS has been requested to meet operation and observation from the network system in addition to small size, light weight, and low cost. Fuji Electric has commercialized a new mini UPS series of 500VA to 3,000VA output with regular utility power supply and the UPS management software applicable to the network system. This paper introduces the specification, circuitry configuration, and features of this new series UPS.


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